[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


HI, could I please get gate C29 ? Thank you


Could I possibly get B31?


@Nathan is it possible for me to get the UPS Apron 26 with the MD11 to KONT?


C29 is Cancún. Good choice.

The last flight to Hawaii. You got it.

Added! :)


Yo i was supposed to be C24 for the event but I can’t make it anymore. I’m sorry


I’ll take gate A34 from KDEN to KATL via Boeing 752 callsign Delta 74 if it’s available


Take a look at the gate list again. A34 is taken. Plus, there’s no more room for Delta aircraft (they have a designated number of gates at Denver in the real world).


I’ll take a southwest flight via Boeing 739 to KPHX from KDEN, any gate available


I’ll take Fedex Apron 04 to PHX | MD11


C32 to Phoenix. Southwest 737-700 (or you can use the 737-800).

Awesome. See you there.


sounds good, cant wait to see what KDEN is gonna look like completely full


He means tat he cant fly on expert, he is a grade 1


Any suggestions for a 10+ hours flight?


There’s no more long haul flights available at any of the concourses. If you want to fly a long haul, I suggest grabbing a GA/corporate aircraft for the general aviation ramp.


How can I fly long-haul with a GA AC??


The Citation is a GA aircraft. It can fly pretty long distances if you don’t carry many passengers. Same goes for the corporate aircraft (A318ACJ/B737BBJ).


Can I fly with any AC to Salt Lake City (SLC / KSLC) from any gate with a commercial AC (CRJ is also fine)?

Then I will fly to EHAM from there with B789


Could I get FedEx Apron 05 to KIND?


Can I take B52 to DFW.


Sure. B48 with the United CRJ-700 is yours.

Got it. MD-11 to Indianapolis.

Good choice. The CRJ-700 is a beautiful aircraft. :)