[Closed] Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN - 111600ZAUG18


Huge Denver Fly-Out @ KDEN

Note: Please read the thread in its entirety to understand the logistics of this event.

Read this post for information about today!

Event Introduction and Description:

Join us in the beautiful state of Colorado for a Huge Denver Fly-Out!

As the title suggests, we will be gathering at Denver International Airport (DEN/KDEN). It is a crucial and ever-growing hub for United Airlines operations. Low-cost airline, Frontier Airlines, is also based there along with other airline companies such as Boutique Air and Key Lime Air. DEN is a large gateway for many international and domestic passengers. It is one of the busiest airports in the United States based on passenger traffic.

The goal of this event is to simulate what this airport would look like in the real world. We will fill the airport by using the realistic airlines and aircraft that serve the airport along with the correct terminal assignments and corresponding routes. All of this will transform Denver International Airport into a bustling airline hub, just like the real world.

Date: Saturday, August 11, 2018 4:00 PM
Airport: Denver International Airport (KDEN)
Server: Expert

Event NOTAM:

When requesting a gate and an aircraft, please be aware of your destination. Denver connects to many destinations around the United States, however, every route cannot be flown due to the lack of available gates. I did ensure to choose a variety of destinations that range from short domestic hops to long transpacific and transatlantic flights. If there is a destination you would rather fly to instead that is not listed, please let me know and I’ll try to make the adjustments accordingly (Remember that it must be real routes out of Denver). Please know that I may not be able to honor all requests due to aircraft limitations and gate space. I should also note that only one of each foreign airline will be allowed unless multiple trips a day are done by said airline.

You will be responsible for creating your own flight plan as well as your fuel load.

Note: Please check #tutorials for guidance and tips on flight and fuel planning.

Since this is event takes place on the expert server, all rules are enforced and are expected to be followed. In the event that ATC is active at the airport, please follow all of the instructions the controllers give you. You may be subject to ghosting. Instructions regarding runway usage will be given on the day of the event.

Airlines List: Airlines that serve Denver Int’l Airport.

Concourse A
Airline ICAO Code Aircraft
Aeroméxico AMX B737
Air Canada ACA CRJ9, E175
Allegiant Air AAY A320
American Airlines AAL A320, A321, B738
British Airways BAW B744
Copa Airlines CMP B738
Delta Air Lines DAL A319, B712, B738, B739, B752, CRJ9
Frontier Airlines FFT A320, A321
Icelandair ICE B752
jetBlue Airways JBU A320, A321
Lufthansa DLH A346, B744
Norwegian NAX B789
Volaris VOI A319
WestJet WJA B737
Concourse B
Airline ICAO Code Aircraft
United Airlines UAL A320, B738, B739, B752, B763, B772, B789, CRJ7
Concourse C
Airline ICAO Code Aircraft
Alaska Airlines ASA A320
Southwest Airlines SWA B737, B738
Spirit Airlines NKS A320, A321
Cargo Ramp
Airline ICAO Code Aircraft
DHL Aviation DHL B752
FedEx Express FDX MD11
UPS Airlines UPS B752, MD11

Gate List: Reserve your gate here by either commenting or adding your name to the list (if TL3). Keep the format consistent, please.

Reservations Closed!

Concourse A (FULL)
Gate Airline & Aircraft Route User
A22 AMX B737 to MMMX Williamo26
A24 DAL B752 to KATL @TenMileJones
A25 WJA B737 to CYYC @PedroG
A26 DAL A319 to KLAX @AgusAeromexico
A27 DAL B739 to KDTW @Nightt
A28 DAL A319 to KLGA @RTG113
A29 DAL A319 to KMSP @Simon_Thompson
A30 DAL B712 to KLAX @Othman_Asli
A31 DAL B738 to KJFK @Sebastian9915
A32 FFT A320 to KBUF @Bryce_D
A33 Unavailable
A33W DLH A346 to EDDM @SunDown
A34 FFT A320 to KMYR @GolferRyan
A35 Unavailable
A36 FFT A320 to KPVD @hi15td
A37 Unavailable
A37W DLH B744 to EDDF @Captain_JR
A38 FFT A321 to KLAS @Alex_Ornelas
A40 FFT A320 to KGRR @Joseph007
A41 Unavailable
A41W BAW B744 to EGLL @Kevin_Potthast
A42 FFT A321 to MMUN @jack_oloughlin
A43 Unavailable
A44 FFT A320 to KCMH @Deniz_Erdal
A45 Unavailable
A45W NAX B789 to EGKK @Moosehead08
A46 FFT A321 to KPIT @KPIT
A47 Unavailable
A48 AAL B738 to KORD @JGrant639
A49 AAL A320 to KPHX @Darragh_ODonoghue
A50 AAL A321 to KPHL @loganklovell100
A51 AAL A321 to KCLT @Travis_rice
A52 JBU A321 to KJFK @Kevinsoto1502
A53 AAL B738 to KMIA @Matthew_Brew
A56 JBU A320 to KBOS @Nathan
A60 ACA CRJ9 to CYVR @AirbusA350
A71 ACA E175 to CYUL @Philippe_Gilbert
A73 AAY A320 to KCVG @AllegiantAir
A75 VOI A319 to MMGL CreativeUsername
Concourse B (5 Gates Left)
Gate Airline & Aircraft Route User
B15 UAL B739 to KIAH @frank_santos
B16 UAL B738 to KCLE @Patrick_Gallagher
B17 UAL B738 to MMUN FRASER_Halstead1
B18 UAL B738 to PANC @harmyd
B20 UAL A320 to KBDL @Bobby
B21 UAL B763 to KIAH @jakevaz423
B22 UAL A320 to KDTW @Fyingunicorn
B23 UAL A320 to KIND @Theyeetskier
B24 UAL B752 to KEWR @IF_Aviation_Thomas
B25 UAL A320 to KABQ @fraspotting1
B26 UAL B738 to KATL @Oliverc24
B27 UAL B738 to KTPA henryd
B28 UAL B739 to KSAN @Brad
B29 UAL B738 to KEWR @Piyush_Wadhwa
B31 UAL B752 to PHLI Lakfan93
B32 UAL B789 to RJAA @Gussy.03
B33 UAL B739 to KSEA @Rodrigo_Villalobos
B35 UAL B752 to KEWR John_Ryan
B36 UAL B772 to PHNL @Chewybas
B37 Unavailable
B38 UAL B772 to KLAX @Paul_Abreu
B39 UAL B772 to KSFO @Bo_Page_m8
B41 Unavailable
B42 UAL B789 to EGLL @Kiz
B43 UAL B752 to PHOG @VAnuj
B44 UAL B739 to KPDX @_nolan
B45 UAL A320 to KSAN @SF34
B46 UAL A320 to KSMF @CaptainDwyer
B47 UAL B739 to KBOS @MasterZekrom
B48 UAL CRJ7 to KSLC @Olivier999
B49 UAL CRJ7 to CYEG Alex_Kellagher
B50 UAL CRJ7 to KOKC @andy_marks
B51 UAL CRJ7 to KMCI @IanD
B52 UAL CRJ7 to KDFW @Tyson_Johnston
B53 UAL CRJ7 to KCMH 777-300ER
B54 UAL B739 to KBOS @BostonStrongWill
B55 UAL B738 to KRDU @mogbog
B56 UAL CRJ7 to KSAF @Jshnlsn
B57 UAL CRJ7 to KLBF Lucas_Piedra
B58 UAL CRJ7 to KMLI CaptainKLM
B60 UAL CRJ7 to KATW @Haifan_Day
B61 UAL CRJ7 to KBUR EastCoastAero2ND
B63 UAL CRJ7 to KBZN @Aceorbit
B67 UAL CRJ7 to KASE @Mats
B69 UAL CRJ7 to KEGE Sammysam1314
B71 UAL CRJ7 to KPUB sam2875
B73 UAL CRJ7 to KCOS @Tucker_Ryan
B77 UAL CRJ7 to CYWG Rock77
B79 UAL CRJ7 to CYYC Jay757
B80 UAL CRJ7 to KBNA Boeing797
B81 UAL CRJ7 to KDAY Aden_Johnson
B82 UAL CRJ7 to KBOI Patrick_O_Reilly
B85 UAL CRJ7 to KHSV xtcride1974
B87 UAL CRJ7 to KSAT SkysTheLimit87
B88 UAL CRJ7 to KJAC @PlaneCrazy
B89 UAL CRJ7 to KDRO jaier99
B90 UAL CRJ7 to KELP @Chussey
B91 UAL CRJ7 to KMEM @Asdew
B92 UAL CRJ7 to KPSP Riley_Grim
B93 UAL CRJ7 to KSJC Krunchy_Toast
B94 UAL CRJ7 to CYYZ Mark_Eatman
Concourse C (1 Gate Left)
Gate Airline & Aircraft Route User
C23 SWA B738 to KALB @samp
C24 SWA B738 to KMDW @SpeedPlayz
C25 SWA B737 to KCMH @NetJets_Nick
C26 SWA B738 to KSJC @BigBert10
C27 SWA B738 to KHOU @AgentQuu
C28 SWA B737 to KPHX @American
C29 SWA B738 to MMUN @Georges180305
C30 SWA B738 to KBOS @PilotDog
C31 SWA B737 to KBWI @PJPackman
C32 SWA B737 to KPHX @Jacob_Robledo
C33 SWA B737 to KDTW George_Conrad
C34 SWA B738 to KBUR CamJam
C35 SWA B737 to KONT Emiliano_Padilla
C36 SWA B738 to MMSD Amaar_Viqar
C37 SWA B737 to KCLE @hopkins_spotter
C38 NKS A321 to KFLL @Hockeyman_02
C39 ASA A320 to KSEA @anon42527263
C40 SWA B737 to MZBZ maeyo
C41 SWA B737 to KSAT @JeromeJ
C42 SWA B738 to KPDX Maverick_1000
C43 SWA B737 to KSNA @DeerCrusher
C44 SWA B738 to KLGA
C45 SWA B738 to KPHL Flying_Potato
C46 SWA B737 to KPHL @MJL
C47 SWA B737 to KMCO @Blue_Diamond196
C48 NKS A321 to KORD Tarek_Brahim
C49 SWA B737 to KPIT Dillon_Lewis
C50 NKS A321 to KORD @LotsOfMuffins
C51 SWA B737 to MMPR Maxtrooxien
Cargo Ramp (5 Gates Left)
Gate Airline & Aircraft Route User
DHL Apron 31 DHL B752 to KRNO
DHL Apron 33W DHL B752 to KCVG Black_Panthers
UPS Apron 30 UPS B752 to KBFI
UPS Apron 26 UPS MD11 to KONT @Swiss69
UPS Apron 24 UPS MD11 to KSDF AlexH
UPS Apron 22 UPS B752 to KRNO
UPS Apron 20 UPS B752 to KBIL
FedEx Apron 17 FDX MD11 to KAFW @Michael_Weinblatt
FedEx Apron 16 FDX MD11 to KBIL
FedEx Apron 14 FDX MD11 to KSJC airjonathan1
FedEx Apron 11 FDX MD11 to KMEM @Ankytrix
FedEx Apron 10W FDX MD11 to KLAX @WesleyHenrich
FedEx Apron 09 FDX MD11 to KFAT @danielsun36
FedEx Apron 08 FDX MD11 to KMEM Adam_Macaulay
FedEx Apron 05 FDX MD11 to KIND @HurricaneAndrew
FedEx Apron 04 FDX MD11 to KPHX @Cpt_Richard
FedEx Apron 03 FDX MD11 to KOAK @Plane-Train-TV
General Aviation Ramp (9 Gates Left)
Gate Airline & Aircraft Route User
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 01 C208 to KEGE @bobo2345
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 02 C750 VFR @2003iggy
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 03 Any GA Any Route
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 04 Any GA Any Route
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 05 Any GA Any Route
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 06 Any GA Any Route
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 07 Any GA Any Route
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 08 Any GA Any Route
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 09 Any GA Any Route
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 10 Any GA Any Route
FBO Signature Flight Support DEN 11 Any GA Any Route
Overflow Parking (13 Gates Left)

bold = wide-body gate

Gate Airline & Aircraft Route User
Remote Apron AE02 DAL CRJ9 to KSLC airbavaria
Remote Apron AE04 UAL B738 to KBWI Recxx
Remote Apron AE06 UAL B738 to KLAX Jlewis
Remote Apron AE08 NAX B789 to LFPG
Remote Apron CE01
Remote Apron CE02
Remote Apron CE03
Remote Apron CE04
Remote Apron CE05
Remote Apron CE06
Remote Apron D51 Unavailable
Remote Apron D51W DLH B744 to EDDF aviation19
Remote Apron D52 Unavailable
Remote Apron D53 Unavailable
Remote Apron D53W UAL B789 to EGLL Joshua_Wentailor
Remote Apron D54 Unavailable
Remote Apron D55 Unavailable
Remote Apron D55W BAW B744 to EGLL justifyletters
Remote Apron D56 Unavailable
Remote Apron D57 SWA B738 to KLAX Luke_M
Remote Apron D57W Unavailable
Remote Apron D58 SWA B737 to KBOI Ashton_Liberty
Remote Apron D59
Remote Apron DS10W UAL B789 to EGLL Frankie_Smith
Remote Apron DS11 Unavailable
Remote Apron DS11W UAL B789 to EGLL Levet
Remote Apron DS12 Unavailable
Remote Apron DS13 Unavailable
Remote Apron DS13W UAL B789 to EGLL schyllberg
Remote Apron DS14 Unavailable
Remote Apron DS15
Remote Apron DS16
Remote Apron DS17

Need further clarification? Any questions or comments? Don’t hesitate to post below or feel free to send me a private message to my inbox at any time. I’ll be glad to assist.

See you all in Denver! :)

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Final Words:

United Virtual Airlines

Big thanks to @jakevaz423 and the entire United Virtual Airlines group for sponsoring this event. Many of the UVA pilots will be participating and will be showing show their United Airlines pride at concourse B! :)

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with UVA in any way. This is NOT a promotional event for their virtual airline group.


I’ll take this gate please. Looking forward to this!


You got it! Thanks for your interest! See you there. :)


I’ll take A46, thanks!


A46 to KPIT. Done! See you there. :)


That’s surprising! 😉😂


Real mystery in how I chose that gate, I know… 😂


I’ll take C43 to Orange County. Home of my childhood stomping grounds. 🛫


Great choice! See you there. :)


May I have gate C31 to KBWI?

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You got it. See you there.

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I’m not going to guarantee I can make it, but Ill take the FFTA320 to providence at gate A36

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Sure. You got the gate.

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Can I have a Frontier Flight to KMYR?

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Sure thing. A34 is yours.


I’ll take the BAW 74 to Heathrow.


That’s A41W for you. See you there.


I’ll take Gate A31 to KJFK
See ya there!


I’ll be there on B38 to KLAX

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