[CLOSED]HR post available at EasyJet VA


As you are aware I am the Deputy President for EasyJet VA and I have some exciting news the HR manager will now be hiring 3 HR’s to help him with the va this is a great opportunity to be staff. So applications will be open from when I send this post out and will close on Tuesday at 1100 Zulu. I will let you all know who has got the role by Friday.

Application form can be found here https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1zXcQgCbPsS72j9R4ateZBWym6AL3XdN7BZWwK59n6bQ/edit#responses

The HR manager will review all applications and will tell you if you have got the job and if you haven’t I will say sorry you haven’t got the role.

Thank you!
Milen Jacob
Deputy President

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This should be posted on your VA thread mate.


Can you please post this on your main thread instead of cluttering the community with a lot of threads?


Beat me to it… 😂

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How many EasyJet VAs are there??

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3732, More to come lol.


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