[CLOSED]How to Put the Replay on your original video

So my YouTube channel HadenJohnson Gaming is going to be based on all infinite flight. I need to know how to put the landing replay on the screen while I’m landing during my video. App suggestions? I’m in a Samsung S8+

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You have to edit the video, but I’m not sure what that called.

For screen recording, AZ Recorder is a good option (when I used to use Android). As for editing, if you must use your phone for editing then maybe use Android Movie Maker or something like that (sorry don’t know any good Android editors) though I’d recommend editing on PC/Mac.

I use omlet for my recording/livestreaming. I just need an app that will let me have the small box with the outside view from a replay on it so ican shiw my landing easily.

Are you looking for an app which has video-in-video capability (video inside a video) so you can show both views during landing??

There is one app on Android that you can do that. It is called PowerDirector and they have overlay video in there.

Not sure for IOS and PC.

Thanks. I’ll try it out.

Yes. That’s exactly what I’m looking for.

KineMaster is another one too.

Luma Fusion for professionals :)) it’s 20$ on IOS

It works. Thanks guys.

The video file was corrupted so the video wont be posted.

Sorry I’m not sure as well.

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