[CLOSED] Hot Mexico Fly-Out !@ MMMX-210800ZMAR20

Hi, welcome to my new event ! We are heading to Mexico,MMMX. It will be a hot departure with heavy and for sure they will have A350 series.

Here’s some info about the airport international Benito-Juárez of Mexico

It is the most important airport in the country and in Latin America, followed by São Paulo / Guarulhos international airport. In 2018, more than 47 million passengers passed through it
Also MMMX is the Hub of Areomexico and Volaris

Event Info



Server : Expert


Straight-Out departures only


I’m not responsible of any violations/ghost/report

Acts professionally all the time

Have fun !

How to request a Gate

Ask with this format


Feel free to ask any route you want to be in
4 Gate Left !

Terminal 1 [Small] {2 LEFT}

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
29 Aviancia A320 MDPC-Punta-Cana @Frankfurt05
30 Aviancia A320 MDPC-Punta-Cana
31 Areomexico 737-7 MMLO-Guanaj…
31A Areomexico 737-7 MROC-San Jose @Costaricanpilot
33 Copa 737-8 MMTP-Tapachula @BennyBoy007
34 Areomexico 737-7 MUHA-José Marti
35 American A320 KLAX-Los Angeles @Sierra_Golf
36 Delta B757 KLAX-Los Angeles @Alaska170

Terminal 1 [Medium/Big] {6 LEFT}

Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
28 A319 Air Canada Rouge CYYZ-Toronto @anto_agricola
27 A321 Air Canada CYUL-Montréal @KailasSrinivasan
24 B787-8 Areomexico LFPG-Paris @The_Real_Plane_Spott
25 A388 Air France LFPG-Paris @CptCalvin437
26 B747 KLM EHAM-Amsterdam @Branstar_247
24 B748 Lufthansa EDDF-Frankfurt @Jan_W
23 B748 Lufthansa EDDF-Frankfurt @dominik.krh
22 A359 Cathy Pacific VHHH-Hkg @masterkiwi
18 A388 Emirates OMDB-Dubaï @GPilot118
16 A359 Emirates OMDB-Dubaï @United2
12 A359 Delta KJFK-New York @KindaTartySliceOfPie
57A A359 Areoflot UUEE-Moscou
58A B748 Korean RJTT-Tokyo

also if you want more event the next week after @United2 do an event too !
{Signups closed Event has IFATC} A island flyout @TNCM and TFFJ - 281700ZMAR20

hope you like and enjoy your flight/event !

Vote for the next event !

  • OMDB
  • WSSS
  • CYYC
  • KATL
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Do this:

Example | example | example
|-|-|-| and the table should like this:

Example | example | example
Gate 1 | MMUN | Aeromexico

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I’m gonna try

80:00Z, nice.

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Yay ! Finally working and thx for you help

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I’ll take this please!

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Yay ! First attende !

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Why you don’t like the time ?

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Nah. Either way I can’t join because I most likely will overlseep past the time.

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8000Z doesnt exist :)
It ends at 0000Z then it starts all over (0100Z, etc, etc)

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So it’s (0800 Zulu)

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Indeed, I changed it for you.
And for joining the event, I’ll try to take a gate when the date is a bit closer

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Thx, it’s my 3nd event that I made

The Zulu time is off it should be 0300Z also this event was made in a bit of a pickle as there are 2 other events later

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I don’t understand ?

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Wait no you fixed it. Also, I was saying you might want to push the date back as there are 2 other events that day.

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I put it the 21

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Yes, that would work I will take gate 16 A359 Emirates OMDB-Dubaï

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Your in and thx for participating ! ;)

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Hope we will have more pilots/attende