[Closed] Hornet Ball @ KNZY - 062000ZAUG15

Maybe @castle55 should join us instead of being arc, just to add a flyer. I doubt the airport will be vacant

Great @rotate

Awesome! Appreciate it!

So it’s in 2h right

Thats actually a good idea! maybe someone else will see the post and decide to be KNZY/KPDM tower

Yes sir! That is correct

Will you post instructions here?

What do you mean?

Will you tell on this post when we taxi, takeoff, land etc.

Ill edit it on the main post

I might do the WSSS - WMKK flight aswell

If you can wait till 20.15z @Wingnut1776

We start from KNZY and then go to KEDW

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For the event to start?

Yes. As rotate and i might do an event from WSSS to Kuala Lumpur starting at 19.30z

Alright I think we can manage that! :)

Thank you :grin:

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Do what’s happening ??

I don’t understand what’s happening , please some 1 explain

We moved the event back 15 minutes so instead of it happening at 20:00Z its happening at 20:15Z