[Closed] Hornet Ball @ KNZY - 062000ZAUG15

Server: ATC Playground

Region: Southern California

Airport: *KNZY-KPDM

Time: 20:15Z (1:15PM PST) Thursday

NOTAM: *Fellow Aviators, I am making an event with The one and only F18. We have to move a squadron of them up to KPMD (Palmdale USAF) from KNZY (San Diego north Island Coronado)

We will spawn at 20:15Z (for screenshots) @20:20Z we will taxi to 29. Takeoff time at 20:022Z with a HDG 285 to BADME, then head northbound to ZOREN, west GAIEL, and land on 25 at KPMD around @20:30 - 20:35Z

<img src="/uploads/default/

  • “Wingnut”
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What time is that in the UK time ?

9pm :P :) :)

Just look it up. Convert Zulu to your time zone.

Okay thanks you

Hope to see you there!

Hopefully I will be there , hope to see you as well

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Please stop changing the event title. All event topic titles in the Events category need to have a certain uniform for easy searching. Check the event category guidelines for more info.

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My apologies sean
Regards, @Swang007

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Will be there!! Call sign : [airline] 224

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I will be “Navy 17 76 flight of _”

Hey @jooeball !
You think you are gonna make it to the Hornet Ball?

What about altitude/speed

@Wingnut1776 that’s a question for you. is there a designated altitude and speed??

Maybe you should move this to tomorow, there aren’t many of us

We will maintain 250 KIAS until 10,000MSL. When we reach cruising ATL we will increase speed to 500KIAS. When we reach 30 miles from KPMD we will start our decent and decrease speed to 250. And from there on we can use your own discretion for landing speed

today was the only day of the week I could do it and I leave on vacation next week so I thought Ill give it a shot. Even if only a couple people show up it should still be fun to fly formation with a couple other jets

Ok. I was gonna go to another event, but I think I’ll stick with yours. Seems fun!

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Thanks so much! @castle55
I appreciate your edits to help out! ATC would be very helpful even if not that many people show up!

Thank you for your loyalty! It shouldn’t be to bad hah!