[Closed] Hopping GA #1 @ KCLT - 261600ZAUG17


This is the First Ever Hopping GA Event!! This will be where you leave a Bigger Airport and land all around the map at Small Echo Airports Grass,Gravel ETC anybody can go where they want as long as they go to Echo I’ll be hopping around in a Cessna 208 (N2DV) If you want to follow me around!
No need for Gates or Ramps just spawn at KAGS and Hop around!

Server: Casual Server

Region: Charlotte

Airport: KAGS

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: This Event is For GA Aircraft Only! Only use Cessna 172,208,CirrusSR22, Super Decalthon
Don’t go higher than FL030AGL
Don’t go faster than 170KIAS

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I will be there Rowdy.

Hey rowdy I’ll be there


Is it touch and go or just land and stop?

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T&G at small Echoe You Full Stop at The Bravos or Charlie Delta

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Out of all the flying i do in IF 90% is Hopping so i will love to came.


What time is this in grenich mean time. I would love to be there.


@Gamertz Zulu is Greenwich Mean Time, If you’re in the UK, you would join at 16:00 as BST is 1 hour ahead of GMT

Are we going now? Need to know

Has it been cancelled?

You guys can still go fly it but I’m to busy

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