[CLOSED] Hong Kong Turn Landing Competition! @ VHHH - 071100ZJAN18

Server: Training

Region: Hong Kong

Airport: VHHH

Time: 1100Z

NOTAM: Please spawn in an aircraft that’s appropriate for the Kai Tak era (e.g. No A380, B787 etc.)

Event Details:
For this landing competition, we will takeoff from current Hong Kong International (VHHH) and land in Kai Tak (VHXX).
Takeoff RWY: 07R (could be changed due to weather)
Landing RWY: 13


Please only begin your takeoff roll when the previous aircraft has reached the middle airspace ring of VHXX.

Judging points:
Initial Approach: 5 points
Inbound turn timing: 10 points
Centreline alignment: 15 points
Smoothness: 10 points
Touchdown Zone timing: 10 points

PM me if you want to be a judge


Ground: @Justin_Chan
Tower: @Justin_Chan


Ground: @Jacob_Sim
Tower: @Jacob_Sim

When requesting for a gate, please say your aircraft and callsign you will be using.

Gate E

Gate E01: @ilan_Dridi
Gate E02: @KiwisFlying, China Airlines B747-400, Air China 555 Heavy
Gate E03: @Alex_McLean, United Airlines B777-200ER, United 125 Heavy
Gate E04: @ItzEhs, SAS A320-200, LN-EHS
Gate E15: @mtjacob , China Airlines B747-400, Dynasty 23
Gate E16: @George, Generic A319-100, PK-GBA
Gate E17:
Gate E18:
Gate E19:

Gate N

Gate N20: @Kyle.Plane, Cathay Pacific A330-300, Cathay 496 Heavy
Gate N22: @MZVT, Qatar B777-200LR, QTR97
Gate N24: @IFlyHigh_190, Singapore Airlines DC-10, Singapore 128
Gate N26: @Qantas737guy, Malaysia Airlines MD-11, Malaysian 228
Gate N28:
Gate N30:
Gate N32:
Gate N34:
Gate N36:
Gate N60:
Gate N62:
Gate N64:
Gate N65:
Gate N68:
Gate N70:

Gate W

Gate W40:
Gate W42:
Gate W44:
Gate W46:
Gate W48:
Gate W50:
Gate W61:
Gate W63:
Gate W65:
Gate W67:
Gate W69:

Gate S

Gate S21: @Cpt.TC
Gate S23: @flyme2bluemoon, United Airlines B777-200ER, United 278
Gate S25: @Connor_William_Brand, China Airlines A330-300, Dynasty 283
Gate S27: @B747fan
Gate S29:
Gate S31:
Gate S33:
Gate S35:
Gate S41:
Gate S43:
Gate S45:
Gate S47:
Gate S49:

More gates will be added if necessary.


I’ll take a gate, Boeing 747-400 callsign Air China 555 Heavy.

I’ll take a Cathay A330-300 at the north gates. I’m pretty sure they flew to Kai Tak.

@KiwisFlying Your gate will be E02.
@Kyle.Plane Your gate will be N20.

Awesome! Thanks for adding me.

There isn’t a Air China B744 in the sim, I’m assuming you meant China Airlines?

Wait there isn’t?
Yeah, I suppose I did.

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Would you mind stating the callsign you will be using? Thank you!

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I’ll be using Cathay 496 heavy.

What date will this event take place?

It’s 7th of January.

Ok a little rude answer but thanks!

Sorry if that was an offence to you.

I’m sorry but he wasn’t being rude. He answered your question.

Don’t mean to be rude meself, but im not sure how that’s rude?

May I have a gate? Haven’t decided on the aircraft yet…

Guys I actually edited the message. It used to be “Please read the title, it’s the 7th of January.” as I thought he should have read the title before asking.

Yea why not! Your gate will be S21.

Ah okay. You were still not being rude though.

In my opinion he could have said it in a nicer way but thats just my opinion…