(CLOSED) Hong Kong Love @ VHHH - 230000ZJUN19

You have W46, see you there!

B777 United Airlines
Gate S35
Thank you :)

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The south apron gates are full, you can have W48! Thanks for joining!

Okay, thanks for letting me know. See you in two days!

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List of Attendees

@Di_Hu @joshuaabcd @wasabiman @Anokhinalex @Nick_Bochy @DanyyRude @Altaria55 @Ray_Wang @NathanD @TaipeiGuru @Ben_Murtagh1 @AshPrad @Captain_Elias @CaptainEugene @CaptainRamirez @will_pugh @TimR @nincombop @CameronH21

Our event is just over 1 day away! (2019-06-23T00:00:00Z) Here are a few things important things to keep in mind before it happens:

  • Please spawn in your assigned gate 10-15 minutes early. Use the chart in the post above to help you find the gate. However, there are some discrepancies between the chart and the gate numbers in infinite flight - so check in game for the actual position of your gate. (the numbers in IF prevail)
  • Do NOT request pushback until the scheduled departure time. (0000Z)
  • Remember, this is a flyout - so expect long waiting and taxi times.
  • Obey all ATC instructions, and be courteous to your fellow pilots - don’t taxi through others, keep your distance, wait patiently in the takeoff line, don’t request pushback if the aircraft next to you is already pushing back, etc.
  • @CameronH21 - please remember to send all departures to runway 07R/25L to simulate real world procedures at Hong Kong. (And also route inbounds, if any, to 07L/25R
  • Remember to take plenty of screenshots!

Still want to reserve a gate? It’s not too late to show your love for Hong Kong!

I’m really excited for this event as it received a higher turnout than I expected! See you all there!


W50 on GA 333 to cgk please

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May I have W50 to Taipei in a Cathay Dragon A321 please?

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I’m not able to attend

@NathanD, sorry to hear that, I have removed you from the list. Hope to see you next time!

@ItzAviaUk, you have W50 as requested

@EJ1, you have S41.

See you there!


Thanks, see you there.

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hi @8SmartFlying but i will not be attending because i may not be awake at that moment, goodluck at the event ♥

No problem, hope to see you next time…

Alright, I’m at the gate!

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Everyone can start spawning in now! (Don’t request pushback yet)

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See you at Taipei, @8SmartFlying :)

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where’s ATC? and all the other planes that are supposed to be next to me lol

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Well that’s thing thing with events, people tend to forget…
If only unicom is present, then please only pushback if the area is clear.

alright… well good luck guys

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I just spawned

Everyone can begin pushing back now! Check to see if the area is clear first - it seems as though our ATC has forgotten.

(EDIT - ATC is now active! - but I don’t think it’s our assigned person)

(EDIT AGAIN - he’s fed up and left)