(CLOSED) Hong Kong Love @ VHHH - 230000ZJUN19


Welcome to my second event - where I have decided (rather biased choice I must say) to feature my home airport - Hong Kong! Replacing the overcrowding Kai Tak in 1998, it has ranked up to be the world’s third busiest airport, servicing a plethora of airlines and other hubs across the globe with only two runways. It is home to Cathay Pacific, and is also very popular among plane spotters, as it provides a very diverse range of liveries and aircraft types. Let’s fill Hong Kong!

Server: Training

Airport: VHHH

Time: 2019-06-23T00:00:00Z (This automatically converts to your timezone!)

NOTAM: Please be courteous to your fellow pilots and obey all ATC instructions - this means no cutting in line and taxiing through each other! In order to simulate realism, ALL departures will be routed to Runway 25L/07R.

Airport Details

Airport Layout

Gate Layout

Green - South Apron
Red - West Apron

(only certain gates have been made available to attempt to group attendees together, more gates will be added if necessary.)

South Apron (Odd numbers 21 - 49) FULL

All gates can accept all aircraft types up to an A380 unless specifically marked.

Gate Destination / Aircraft / Livery Attendee
S21 ZBAA / B789 / Air China @Di_Hu
S23 RPLL / A321 / Cebu Pacific @joshuaabcd
S25 ZSPD / A330 / Cathay Pacific @wasabiman
S27 OMDB / B77W / Cathay Pacific @Anokhinalex
S29 RPLL / B744 / Cathay Pacific @Nick_Bochy
S31 EGLL / B789 / Virgin Atlantic @DanyyRude
S33 (NO A380s) KJFK / B77W / Cathay Pacific @Altaria55
S35 ZSPD / B789 / Air China @Ray_Wang
S41 RCTP / A321 / Cathay Dragon @EJ1
S43 RCTP / B77W / Cathay Pacific @8SmartFlying
S45 RCTP / B78X / Eva Air @TaipeiGuru
S47 EIDW / B77W / Cathay Pacific @Ben_Murtagh1
S49 WSSS / B78X / Singapore Airlines @AshPrad
West Apron (Even Numbers 40-50, Odd Numbers 61-71)
Gate Destination / Aircraft / Livery Attendee
W40 WSSS / B78X / Singapore Airlines @CaptainEugene
W42 WMKK / B739 / Malinda Air @Captain_Elias
W44 KORD / B77W / Cathay Pacific @will_pugh
W46 YSSY / A333 / Airbus @TimR
W48 KDCS / B77W / United @CaptainRamirez
W50 WIII / A333 / Garuda Indonesia @ItzAviaUk
Cargo Gates
Gate Destination / Aircraft / Livery Attendee
C24 KLBB / A33F / UPS @nincombop


ATC Positions:

Ground: @CameronH21
Tower: @CameronH21

Reserve a gate by replying your destination, aircraft type, livery, and requested gate. Hope to see you all show some Hong Kong Love!


Taipei (RCTP), 78X, EVA Air, S45 please and thank you!

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Glad to see you back! You have gate 45, see you there!

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Thank you so much! Looking forward to it :)

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May I be tower/ground?

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That is a pretty outdated ground chart.There are more gates at VHHH

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A slightly more updated version

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Any gate to KJFK, CX B77W.

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@Altaria55, you have gate 33, thanks for joining!

@Leong_Qi_Wei_819, thanks for the updated chart, I have added that in.

@CameronH21, you have tower and ground!

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NZAA Air New Zealand 787-9

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S31 Virgin Atlantic VHHH-EGLL 787-9

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@NathanD, you have gate S41, thanks for joining!

@DanyyRude, you have gate S31 as requested.

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ONE WEEK left until our flyout! Let’s show HongKong some love! amid all this political turmoil

NR801SW To Shanghai Air China Boing 789 sign me up!

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You have gate S35, see you there!

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Cathay pacific to EIDW (Dublin)

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You have gate S47, see you there!
…you didn’t specify an aircraft type, so I’m assuming you’re flying a 777, though correct me if I’m wrong.

Correct 777

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A350 if released by than but highly doubt it

Singapore 787 to WSSS

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