[CLOSED] Hong Kong, Asia’s World City 🇭🇰 @ VHHH - 090200ZDEC17

Server: Expert

Airport: VHHH

Time: 0200Z (6pm LA, 8pm Chicago, 9pm NY, 2am London, 3am Paris, 5am Moscow, 7:30am Mumbai, 9am Bangkok, 10am Hong Kong, 11am Tokyo, 1pm Sydney)

NOTAM: Spawn at gate at least fifteen minutes before departure. We will leave at exactly 0200Z.

Firstly, thanks to @Panther for letting me use his idea for this event. I will provide routes which you can pick, and if you would like to request a route, feel free to ask.

Short Haul (30 mins-3hrs 30mins)
  • VHHH-RCTP (1hr45mins)
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER/A330-300
    Cathay Dragon (Dragonair) A321
    China Airlines 747-400
    EVA Air A321

  • VHHH-ZSPD (2hrs20mins)
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
    Cathay Dragon (Dragonair) A321

    Cathay Pacific A330-300/777-300ER
    Jetstar A320 (pretend it’s Jetstar Japan)
    JAL 777-200ER

  • VHHH-VTBS (3hrs)
    Cathay Pacific A330-300
    Emirates A380-800
    Royal Jordanian 787-8
    Thai Airways 747-400/777-200 (in lieu of 77W)

  • VHHH-RKSI (3hrs30mins)
    Air India 787-8
    Cathay Pacific A330-300
    Korean Airlines 747-8
    Asiana 777-200
    Ethiopian 787-8
    Thai 777-200 (in lieu of 77W)

Medium Haul (3hrs 30mins-7hrs)
  • VHHH-WSSS (4hrs)
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER/A330-300
    Jetstar A320 (Pretend it’s Jetstar Asia)
    Singapore Airlines A380
    Tigerair A319

  • VHHH-WIII (5hrs)
    Cathay Pacific A330-300
    China Airlines A330-300
    Garuda Indonesia 737-800

  • VHHH-VIDP (6hrs)
    Cathay Pacific A330-300
    Air India 787-8

  • VHHH-VRMM (6hrs 30mins)
    Cathay Pacific A330-300

Long Haul (7hrs-13hrs)
  • VHHH-OMDB (8hrs 50mins)
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER/A330-300
    Emirates A380-800/777-300ER

  • VHHH-YSSY (9hrs 20mins)
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
    Qantas A380-800/747-400

  • VHHH-EGLL (12hrs)
    British Airways A380-800/777-300ER
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER

  • VHHH-KSFO (12hrs)
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
    Singapore Airlines 777-300ER

    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
    American Airlines 777-300ER
    Southern Air 777F

Ultra Long Haul (13hrs+)
  • VHHH-FAOR (14hrs 5mins)
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
    South African Airways A340-600 (in lieu of A343)

  • VHHH-KORD (14hrs 30mins)
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
    United 777-200

  • VHHH-LEMD (14hrs 35mins)
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER

  • VHHH-CYYZ (14hrs 55mins)
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
    Air Canada 777-200LR

  • VHHH-KJFK (15hrs 40mins)
    Cathay Pacific 777-300ER
    United 777-200 (KEWR)

E18: @Aalan (EHAM KL 744)
E17: @Allen_Lu (??? CX A333)
E16: @Ryan_Vidad (RCTP BR A321)
E15: @nicochile2 (YSSY CX 77W)
N20: @Leo_Minecraft
S21: @Rally_Vose (PHNL DL MD11)
N24: @CaptainCaybrew (RJTT AA 77W)
N26: @Oli_H (WSSS 3K A320)
N28: @gshazzaam (EGLL BA 77W)
S29: @MQthederp (WSSS CX A333)
N30: @Solistify (RCTP CX A333)
S31: @SAA_A346 (FAOR SA A346)
N32: @CS_Aus_TB20GT (RJTT CX A333)
S33: @jdag2004 (FAOR SA A346)
N34: @SirPilotOfAviation (ZSPD CX 77W)
S35: @Owain_G (FAOR SA A346)
N36: @JKP (RKSI KE 748)
W42 (US flight only): @TheNewbieTubie (KORD UA 772)
W44 (US flights only): @Michael_Weinblatt (KORD UA 772)
W48 (US flights only): @Grady_Herbert (KSFO CX 77W)
N60: @Kyle.Plane (VTBS EK A380)
W61: @AustralianFlyer (YBCS CX A333)
N62: @Tosin_Salisu (FAOR CA 748)
N64: @Caden_Colvin (WIII CX 744)
W65: @George (WIII CX 77W)
W67: @TheFlyingPancake (YPPH CX A333)

Cargo Gates:
Cargo 33: @Christian_Richardson (PGUM 9S 77F)

More gates will be added if needed. Hopefully they will 😏

Also, feel free to fly in! It’ll be as realistic as possible. I’m even using the same gates as the real flights. I’ll try to get an IFATC for the event if we have enough people, but no guarantees. See ya there!

Note: Regulars, feel free to add people or yourselves to the gate list.i


I don’t think we have a Thai 77W, only the Thai 772.


I thought Hong Kong was 8 hours ahead of Zulu, therefore making it 2:00 PM? Great Idea! Finally an event in Hong Kong.


Sorry 🤦🏻‍♂️ I’ll correct it

Oh and add me in, I’ll come in a Cathay 77W, flying out to ZSPD.

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Sure. Just wait, I’m trying to get the gates correct. The times were all wrong as well because it was originally going to be at 0400z.

Hmm, I would like to come. But it depends on my schedule during my vacation in KL. If my schedule isn’t too packed, I should be able to make for it 😊


If you can, which are route and aircraft you taking?

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I guess I’ll take a route to RKSI as I won’t have much time unfortunately. I’ll take Asiana 772 😉

Maybe if I have more time and the gates are still empty then I would like to do a long haul to WIII with Cathay Pacific B777-300ER

  • Keep in mind that Cathay serves WIII with 777-300s during Holiday peak season 😊

Sorry ah, but maybe I’ll change the time to four hours earlier so that people in US can come. Is that ok @SingaporeAirlines @SirPilotOfAviation?

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I think it will be okay, hopefully I will be free at 10am

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Could I please get a gate? (subject to change)
United 777-200 VHHH-KEWR


We (SAAVA members) will be doing this route, to VHHH this Friday. Maybe a return flight might be a good idea on the day. Our CEO will decide. @Owain_G


Alright. That would be awesome!

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Oh… the time changed. Sorry I most likely won’t be able to attend now


That’s ok. Sorry about that!


We will take 3 gates for now


Yeah I’m fine with that

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@Kyle.Plane I think you should change this to prevent confusion…

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For once a event with some fitting times for me!
Count me in! Not sure which route yet but most likely a flight of 8 hours.

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