Closed | Holiday Getaways Vol. 1 - Punta Cana - Presented by Caribbean Virtual @ MDPC - 011800ZDEC18

Volume 1: Punta Cana

— Background —

Hello everyone! Caribbean Virtual is proud to unveil our brand new mini-series of events for the holiday season this year. While there is no place like home for the holidays, some families just can’t resist an island getaway. We are here to make that dream come true. So grab your mobile device and lets get flying!

— This Volume —

This weekend we are transporting travelers from Florida to Punta Cana for their holiday getaway. This wealthy family wanted nothing but the best, so this trip will be a two part journey, with the final leg taking place in their rented TBM-930. Keep reading for everything you need to know, we hope to see you there!

— Information —


Leg 1 will take us to our origin airport, Miami to the beautiful Jamaican Airport of Kingston. We will then quickly transfer to the TBM-930. It is optional to fly both flights, meaning you can sign up for either leg, or both of them.

Server: Training
Aircraft: Boeing 737, Caribbean Airlines Livery
Departure Airport: KMIA
Departure Time: December 1, 2018 6:00 PM
Arrival Airport: MKJP

All crucial flight information will be delivered the day of in a group PM because they are subject to change.


Leg 2 gets travelers to their final destination in the Dominican Republic in the exclusive TBM-930. Again, it is optional to fly both flights.

Server: Training
Aircraft: TBM-930, Navy Blue
Departure Airport: MKJP
Departure Time: 10 mins after the last 737 lands in Jamaica
Arrival Airport: MDPC

All crucial flight information will be delivered the day of in a group PM because they are subject to change.

— Gates —

To sign up for a gate, please request your preferred gate via reply.


Gate User
D12 @rileymoyer
D10 @Plnelovr
D08 @Plane_Masta
D06 @VAnuj
D04 @Rishon_R
D05 @Carlos_Munoz


Gate User
GA 01 @rileymoyer
GA 02 @Plnelovr
GA 03 @Plane_Masta
GA 04 @VAnuj
GA 05 @Rishon_R
GA 06 @Carlos_Munoz
GA 07
GA 08

— Notices & Closing —

While flying, please make sure you are following the general rules:

– Spawn 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time to be prepared
– Keep your eyes on the Group PM while flying for real-time updates
– Pushback courteously
– Give way to your right while taxiing
– Maintain Spacing within the Sky

Thank you so much for viewing this thread and considering signing up for this event! We hope to see you there. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to let us know.

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I will signup for both legs, callsign CVA085


@Plnelovr: you’re all set for D10 and GA02, respectively. See you there and thanks for coming!

I’ll sign up please! Unfortunately, I hate telling people for sure on events because it 90% of the time ends up with me not being able to make it. So if there’s a “maybe” list, I’ll go there please. CVA045

Also, I live in Florida, and we are going up to the thirty-degree Chicago at Christmas time for family. No island trips for me

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@Plane_Masta: No problem, you’re down for D08 and GA03. See you there!

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Can I sign up for both legs, CVA007

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Hi,ill take gates for both legs

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I’ll sign up!!

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You three are all set. Thanks for coming!

Our event is tomorrow! Grab yourself a gate now to get in on the fun!


Our event is now just hours away and we can’t wait! The group PM has been sent out to everyone who signed up, and it contains all the important information that you need.

If you don’t have any plans today, we encourage you to sign up! The event is in 2.5 hours and on the training server so most pilots can join!

We’ll see everyone in the sky!

– Riley
On behalf of Caribbean Virtual

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