[Closed] Herc “Cargo” flight @ KLAX - 250200ZJAN18

Server: Training Server

Region: West Cali

Airport: KLAX - KSFO - KLAX

Time: 0200Z (2200 CST Jan 24)

NOTAM: *The year is 1969. You’ve been tasked by the US Government to haul a shipment of “merchandise” at the last minute from LAX to SanFran. Hop in your favourite C-130 and make Gene and Billy from Air America proud

Spawn in a C-130 at KLAX at a cargo gate of your choosing just south of 25L. Set cargo weight to approx. 50,000 lbs and fuel weight to no more than 10,000 lbs. We will depart at 0210, flying between 10,000 and 12,000 feet at 350 kas.

Upon arrival to KSFO, unload your cargo at gate (I’ll determine at start of event), so set for 0 lbs, but DO NOT adjust fuel amounts ! Then take off and return to KLAX at the same 10 - 12 thousand feet, 350 kas

Less than 2 hours travel time*

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Hi! Please change your title to the correct format, which is listed in the topic below. Thank you!

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Also consider adding more details. Will everybody come at the same time? Will there be assigned gates? Are there any specifics on the Flight you’d like everyone to follow (altitude, airspeed, etc.)?

Is this for tonight? Is it very important cargo!!?

Btw… If it was for tonight then it passed

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Sorry, I posted the partial event before I finished it. First event creation so just making something up trying to get the formatting down

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