[Closed] Help me prepare for IFATC @ KSJC - 121630ZAUG16

Help me prepare for IFATC at San Jose in the San Fransisco Region! Come and spawn at the lower numbered gates, do some circuits, or fly inbound.

1630Z to 1730Z
Training Server 2

Come on down and help me!

@Zachary_Meir_Tish @Henrik are you bros able to help him out? (I’m not home)


I’ll do some patterns :)

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I’m happy to come.

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Sounds good! I am excited @C_Baccari @Justin_Gonzalez

Don’t be so reckless! Follow instructions!

1500 is a bit low for a transition, around 3000 is optimal

I requested a transition and then when overhead requested t&go and you gave me left downwind so I go on left and then you give me right how is that reckless, I followed your instructions

Ok, I was just surprised because I didn’t know of your intentions…

Never mind, I thought you took off at the airport without permission

Nah, I spawned at KNUQ :)

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Stalled and crashed. Bummer.

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Ouch. Thanks for coming though!

I couldn’t contact the fighter on tower.

The F22, was being a troll but you did good :) Remember transitions are optimal around 3000-3500 :)

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I gave you the low transition because there was no one in the airspace.

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