{CLOSED} Help A Newbie Out ATC @ KSAN Tower and Ground on TS1

Seeing as you’re a newbie at ATC, I reccomend checking out these great ATC tutorials by our awesome community members.

Also seeing as you’re new to the community, I would like to welcome you to the forum. Please read up on this post by one our great community members :)

Here in the forum, we have a system of trust level’s that help sandbox new user’s, more about trust levels here.


Here are some post’s made by one of our hard working community moderators, reccomend you read this up 😉.

Just wanted to give you this as you’re a few days new to the forum 😉😁, I would be glad to come to your openings and see your ability’s and would be glad to give you constructive feedback. Welcome to the forum and most of all have a great time!

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