[CLOSED] Heathrow VA fly in @ EGLL - 312000ZAUG17

Server: TS1

Region: London

Airport: EGLL

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: We are looking to have a massive VA get together. As the Summer ends and lots of people return to school activity is likely to decrease across all servers so during the last week of the holiday it would be amazing to see as many VAs here as possible so ge ronto your event coordinator or President/CEO to get your VA signed up.

For VA reps please request the number of spaces and you will need to internally allocate them. I will normally respond within two hours.


221-226: Swiss (@SwissVirtual)
323-335: KLM (@ODW)

ROUTE: After take off we will make our way up to Birmingham, This is more optional but feel free to copy the FLP from Speedbird 200


Hi! Event coordinator from BAVA here, it is a little early in the day for us.
It looks good though! I will be in talks with our senior leaders!

Edit: New time looks perfect! I will further look into this with our leaders!


Looks fun, i sent it over to Southwest VA! Will have info hopefully soon

Awesome, Looking forward to hearing from them!

I could work tower and ground for you if you want. Provided I can make it

That would be awesome!

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Great! I hope to make it there but I can’t promise anything. I have a flight that day but I will try my best!

I could do Tower for this.

I am not planning this event, contact @Joshua_Bayes_Green :)

Could we please not do TS1 for an event like this? Especially in a region like London that gets crowded easily

How can you be an approvered VA?

I’m choosing TS1 to make it accessible to the majority. There are lots of pilots in VAs under grade 3


You either pick Quality or Qantity, in this case you have picked Qantity. Not to say that people who fly in TS1 are bad at flying, but generally people are better on Expert. I’d pick Expert over TS1 for this event, because there is still enough people grade 3 and above to make it a big event whilst also making it a Quality event. Your choice though.

On another note, I might attend - dependant on the server and if my VA joins.


Thanks Carrots, I normally would do Expert but I was looking at the stats for my VA and there’s a lot of lower grades so I wanted to open it up to all

Plus, doing it in the expert server loses opportunity for ATC, which I suppose isn’t the worst of all things. But like Carrots said, I would much rather have a lower amount of good quality pilots that know what they’re doing instead of a lot of pilots who have no idea what they’re doing and just do whatever they want and spoil for the event for everyone who wants to take it seriously. But again, it’s your call.

@Joshua_Bayes_Green If available I would love to operate Ground.

That would be awesome, Just waiting for any VAs to show interest.

Cool, looking forward to it!


Nice idea for an event.

We as SWISS VA will officially take part if it’s possible.

I will inform our VA.

Thank you
Swiss VA

Awesome, Let me know how many gates you think you’ll need!