[Closed] Heathrow to the East Midlands event @ EGLL - 121700ZSEP15

Server: ATC Advance Server

Region: London

Time: 1700ZULU

We shall be starting at London Heathrow (EGLL) and take off runway 27L and we shall be landing at East Midlands (EGNX). By the time we reach WPT… CLN21 we should all be at FL180 and cruising at that FL until we get to the next WPT… CTM10. also we shall all be information and our speed should be 250KTS to keep the distance. I don’t think they will be any ATC on the airports but if any advance ATC see this it would be great if you could ATC for us. Please use common sence if their is no ATC. Also take off about 30 after the other person has taken off. If they is ATC they shall tell you to take off. Also when you get to CTM10 you can descend at any rate you want and also any speed you want but use common sence and keep A safe distance away from the aircraft on approach and final. And this is my first time making an event like this so if I make a mistake please PM me. The FP will be up in a few mins.

I edited the title to fit with the event title guidelines. Feel free to change the “Heathrow to the East Midlands event” to whatever you wish since it’s your event but try to avoid touching the “@ EGLL - 121700ZSEP15” part.

Here’s the flight plan

Thank you jooeball

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I am SO SORRY for those who planed to join this event but at 1700ZULU time I will not be available since something has come up. Very very sorry to all. If someone could close this topic or delete that would be great. So sorry- The_Atwood_Family