[Closed] Heathrow Employee Transfer @ EGLL - 052121ZSEP15, flying begins at 052142ZSEP15

Server: Free Flight

Region: London

Airport: LHR

Time: 21:21Z

NOTAM: It might be a little weird that I’m planning an event so far in event, but it’s going to be a vague explanation to see if you’ll wanna come. On September 5, there’s going to be a big transfer of employees transferring from Heathrow to Stansted and Stansted to Heathrow. They’re changing in the evening, but they end their shift at Heathrow and need to head to Stansted for the remainder of the night. On September 5 at the time on the top, meet me at LHR airport at a gate that’ll be announced for all of us closer to when it actually happens. Bring an Embraer British Airways to fly from LHR-STN and back again. If anybody would like to join my next monthly event, respond back. You don’t have to tell me your callsign until the day before.


I’m posting this message just to catch this topic up after the long time of since this post was posted. This event will take place in ELEVEN days.

Sorry if I’m annoying you about this event, but please let me know if you’d like to join this event. I’m not expecting a big crowd, but if you’d like to come, instead of it being a month away it’s now a week away.

P.S., if somebody knows that they’ll be able to do ATC for this event, it’ll happen on the playground server. I don’t want to have one ATC and no attendants, so more than three people would have to post, because one on Heathrow and one on Stansted. If somebody is already on Heathrow or Stansted, an ATC volunteer is there just in case the current ATC guy leaves and nobody goes to replace them.

DEADLINE TO SAY YOU’D LIKE TO TAKE PART IN THIS EVENT: Like usual, 12 hours prior to checkin time, aka 05921ZSEP15.

“Is this priority check in here?”


There’s no such thing as priority checkin here, because Heathrow has a lot of parking spaces. Just tell me on here which parking spot you’ll be taking, and I’ll make sure nobody parks there. It’s just who checks in first. Checkin starts at 2121Z, but flying will not begin for another twenty minutes approximately, just please don’t show up at the last minute, because I’m fine with doing the event on my own if you forget to show up like @Dante_Federico, @The_simulation_nerd, & @Mike_Zarka did at my first monthly event.

Sorry about that, had to go out that day and forgot to tell you

Alright @The_simulation_nerd thank you for apologizing.

You can just tell me your callsign if you’d like to join.

I’m not making the form, which is why I’ve deleted the message. Tomorrow, for last-minute participants by Saturday at 9:21 am Zulu, I’m going to explain the whole instructions process. I’d like ATC standbys for in case of quitting ATC or none at all for event time, but I’d rather have one or two participants and no ATC then two ATC participants and no pilots. I’d appreciate if somebody would enjoy a little flying in the London region. Don’t participate to watch in case of quitting or no ATC unless we have a big crowd, (which I doubt), but if you’re interested if multiple people post here then feel free to ask if you can control if standards succeed. If two people want to control each airport it’ll be on playground. If I get reports where everybody wants to fly, then it’ll be on Free Flight. I’ll announce what server at the deadline. Just please post callsign and optional parking gate and I’ll be glad to see you.

Oh, @Nick_Art, I got back to you in this topic. Please read when you get a chance.

Sorry if I’m being annoying, but last pre comment on this chat unless somebody would like to join. I’d appreciate if you do, just to have somebody to fly with. Remember, 9:21 am Zulu is when applications close, and nobody is allowed to join. I’m not going to go to all the trouble of explaining the whole process if nobody is going to show up. Just leave your callsign, and if you’d like, don’t have to, but you can put where you’re gonna park too. Thanks a lot, and remember @Nick_Art, I got back to you.

G-NICK, checking in, funny coincidence, am at real airport too atm! :D

Thank you for joining. The registration is now closed. Thanks to @Nick_Art for joining, and I’m gonna do a little flying. I’ll be back on chat in a couple of hours to tell the whole scenario of what’ll happen. This trip will take place on Free Flight Server.

@Nick_Art, if you’d like to comment about the trip info I’m sending you, go ahead. At around 2142 Zulu, we’re going to taxi to an active runway. I’m going to spawn in at Terminal 5C - 554 early, so please don’t spawn in there. Please arrive after 2121 Zulu, but before 2137 Zulu. I’d like to test something, by having me take off on one runway and you taking off on the other. We then fly to Stansted. I arrive in first and wait at the end of the runway and escort you to our gate. We take a 5-10 minute break, and we then fly back.

Sounds great! Looking forward to it, but, will we follow a flight plan you made or will we take the straight route?

We don’t have a flight plan, just a follow-the-leader type of flight. Don’t have to follow directly behind me, or next to me, but somewhat with the taking off at the same time on both runways we should be able to meet up in the skies.

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As I said, I’ll be there looking forward to it ;)

Thanks a lot, see you later.

Bye the way, speaking of Heathrow, I found a documentary series about Heathrow. If you’d like to watch it, if you have 45 minutes of free time, check out - YouTube