[Closed] Hawaiian Virtual's Denver Charter [Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Summit Sub Event] @ KDEN - 312100ZDEC17

Hawaiian Virtual Airlines Is Proud To Be Flying in the Infinite Flight Virtual Airline Summit!

If you are participating in that event then this event is not for you as it takes place at the same time. But be sure to look for us at KDEN!

Remember that you DONT have to be in our VA To Participate!

Server: Expert Server

Route: KDEN - PHNL

Expected Flight Time: 7 Hours

Fuel: 10 Hours of Fuel (Make Sure)

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300 (Hawaiian Airlines Livery)

Event Date: Sunday, December 31st, 2017

"Be There Time": 2125Z
7:25 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time
11:25 AM Hawaiian Standard Time
1:25 PM Pacific Standard Time
4:25 PM Eastern Standard Time

For this Event, we will be flying both the Hawaii Pacific University’s Women’s and Men’s Soccer Teams Home to Honolulu International after their Winter Training.

Gates At KSMF:

Remote Stand D51: @Balloonchaser [HVA]
Remote Stand D52: @Ryan_Vidad [HVA]
Remote Stand D53:
Remote Stand D54: @Michael_McMurray
Remote Stand D55:
Remote Stand D56:

  • Cruising Altitude of 36,000 ft MSL (Subject to change mid-flight due to wind)

  • No faster than Mach 0.86

  • Maintain a minimum separation of 3nm from the aircraft in front of you on takeoff and landing (Do whatever during flight)

  • Make sure to turn on NAV :)

  • Have Fun (If you need a reminder for that)

  • This Sub-Event is During a Larger Event where ATC will be present and over 50 aircraft will be attending. Ghosting will pursue if you don’t follow directions (Even if you are split up from the group at the start)




If You Are:

In Hawaiian Virtual Airlines - Use your HVA Callsign
If you are coming from IFC - Use a Hawaiian Callsign

Hawaiian Virtual Airline’s Main Thread (Come Check Us Out)

On a scale from 1-5 (5 being the best event you have ever heard of), How excited are you for this event?

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Hope that you can join us or join the Main Event in general!!

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The Event Is Today! [1 Hour Away]

If you would like to participate with Hawaiian during the Summit sign up now!

Takeoff Time: 2130Z
7:30 AM Australian Eastern Standard Time
11:30 AM Hawaiian Standard Time
1:30 PM Pacific Standard Time
4:30 PM Eastern Standard Time

Please spawn in 5-10 minutes early and watch some of the madness from the other VA’S


Just To verify that this event is just to fly the route from KDEN-PHNL with Hawaiian Virtual Airlines during The IFVA Summit

Registration is over! :)

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Hope you guys enjoy the route. Thanks for signing up to be a part of this event :)

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Yes you may. Spawn in the D Stands

The event starts in 30 minutes but we will start to taxi in about an hour (50+ Pilots Attending)

spawned in :) ready to go

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@Gussy.03 - Are you still joining us? Spawn in now next to us at the D Stands

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You guys up in the air?

Yes we are. Hitting some amazing headwinds

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While the rest of us hit amazing tailwinds. sorry to hear that.

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sorry i couldn’t come i was busy. Hope you guys had fun

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