[Closed] Hawaiian Virtual Airline's Redemption Event @ PHNL - 272300ZJUN17

Hawaiian Virtual Airlines Redemption Event


Aloha and Thanks For Looking To Join Hawaiian Virtual on their Redemption Event!

Date: Tuesday, June 27th
Time: 2300Z
Server: Training Server 1

EST - Eastern Standard Time: 7:00 PM
PST - Pacific Standard Time: 4:00 PM
HST - Hawaiian Standard Time: 1:00 PM
AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time: 9:00 AM

Aircraft: Boeing 717-200
Livery: Hawaiian Airlines Livery

NOTAM: Hey Infinite Flight Pilots! It’s your Event Manager here for Hawaiian Virtual! On June 27th, we will host our Redemption Event, where we will fly from Honolulu (PHNL) to Hilo (PHTO) in our Boeing 717. Please be sure to maintain proper separation between pilots on takeoff and landing. (Formation Flights are Allowed during flight)

[details=Why a Redemption Event]Exactly a month ago, We had our first event as a Virtual Airlines, then Three weeks later we had another one. We cancelled both due to Nobody from Hawaiian Virtual showing up to lead the event. We are extremely sorry and we promise to fix that problem that we experienced within our VA.

This event is our way at Hawaiian Virtual to say that we are sorry to all of the pilots and ATCs who showed up to find that there is no event![/details]


[details=Flightpath]PHNL - Start Airport (Runway 8L or 4L) Depending on Wind Direction.
PHTO - Ending Airport (Landing Runway 26)

Cruising Altitude: 24000’
Cruising Speed: 285 kts (Airspeed)[/details]

PHNL Gates:
Parking Gate 09: Balloonchaser
Parking Gate 10: Lgsfly
Parking Gate 11: SVEN_MORLEY
Parking Gate 12: Darrell_DeMello
Parking Gate 13: Ksisky
Parking Gate 14: Meteorology7
Parking Gate 15: Samflic
Parking Gate 16: Hugh_Cooper
Parking Gate 17: Lamale99
Parking Gate 18: Matthew_Gould
Parking Gate 19: Alpster
Parking Gate 20: AllegiantAir
Parking Gate 21: Drew_Novak
Parking Gate 22: Miguel_Rodrigues
Parking Gate 23: Kevin_Potthast
Parking Gate 24: Edwin_GUSTAFSSON
Parking Gate 25: Flying_Hawaiian
Parking Gate 26: Robert_Estrella
Parking Gate 27:
Parking Gate 28:
Parking Gate 29:

Air Traffic Control
Comment down below if you want to be an ATC for the event!

PHNL GND: @International
PHNL TWR: @international




This is a New Beginning For Hawaiian Virtual Airlines!
We hope that you consider joining us!


I see what you did here. Don’t forget about me someday mister ATC then jump into a plane 🤣🤣🤣

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Put me down any gate


Roger! Gate 10 is yours!

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Nice and helpful! Thanks! I would come but our school internet doesn’t support live… 😕

Hope it goes welll

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Aloha @IFFG_Rowdy_Kepler! Thanks for volunteering to be PHTO ATC for this event! :)

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  1. I will definitely be coming
  2. What Altitude are we cruising at?
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Roger! Gate 11 Is Yours!

See You There!

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#Hawaiian Virtual Redemption Event Is In a Week!

This is a New Beginning for Hawaiian Virtual and this is a event to say that we are Sorry for the past two events!

Join to see what Hawaiian Virtual Airlines is really like and give us a second chance. You wont be disappointed in us!

#We Hope To See You There! (6/27 - 2300Z)


Aloha I’m in Oahu so I would really like to fly or do what ever with u guys so if I join in your flight may I please have a gate


Are you vacationing there or do you live there?

Gate 12 is yours!

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yes I live in Oahu that’s why I would like to fly with u guys

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I will be in attendance. Any gate is fine. :)

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Roger, Gate 13 is yours!

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Hello, I’m Kilikopela Kapua, we would love to have you in our event, I love it when Hawaiian locals are interested in our VA


Sure I will join send me link and flight plan

Link To Our Website To Sign Up:

Flightplan can be found in the 1st post on this topic. Let me know via pm if you need further assistance

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4 More Days till this great event and the start of a new beginning of Hawaiian Virtual Airlines!

Gates are still available and we hope to see you there showing Hawaiian Pride in our B717! :)

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Sorry but in which server this event will take place?

This event will be on Training Server 1