[Closed] Hawaiian Virtual Airlines Recruitment Event @ PHNL - 212200ZJAN18


I might come in, not sure though.


Would you like a gate?


Sure, it may not be filled though.


This is my first event on the islands


Can I have a gate?

changed my mind.


Roger! Gate 20 is yours!


Gate 26 is yours!


15 People Signed Up So Far! Come Join Us!!


Can I be ATC somewhere?


I believe they already have ATC. Plus you would have to schedule ahead of time to let Balloon know.


Are you good???


@Balloonchaser, He is good.


Would you like PHNL Tower/Ground or PHKO Appr?


PHNL tower and ground :). Thanks


I tried to find a “don’t let me down” meme but no luck.


Roger PHNL T/G is yours. I would recommend opening soon so nobody takes it


@HawaiiPilot10 - PHKO T/G is yours


Event is in 45 Minutes

Sign Up Now!

Weather report out in 15 mins.

Please spawn in 5-10 minutes before event start time



Expected runways are the same as the original post. Weather worked out


Please Start To Spawn In at YOUR Assigned Gate!

If someone stole it then take a available one

Copy FPL