[Closed] Hawaiian Virtual Airline's Landing Competition @ KSEA - 032330ZJUL17

Hawaiian Virtual Airlines Landing Competition

Aloha and Thanks For Looking To Join Hawaiian Virtual on their Landing Competition Event!

Date: Monday, July 3rd
Time: 2330Z
Server: Training Server 1
Starting Airport: KSEA
Ending Airport: KPDX

EST - Eastern Standard Time: 7:30 PM
PST - Pacific Standard Time: 4:30 PM
HST - Hawaiian Standard Time: 1:30 PM
AEST - Australian Eastern Standard Time: 9:30 AM

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300
Livery: Hawaiian Airlines Livery

NOTAM: Hey Infinite Flight Pilots! It’s your Event Manager here for Hawaiian Virtual! On July 3rd, we will host our 2nd event, which will be a Landing Competition, where we will fly from Seattle Tacoma Intl. (KSEA) to Portland Intl. (KPDX) in our Boeing 767. Please be sure to maintain proper separation between pilots on takeoff and landing as then we can have a smooth transition into the Landing Competition after the group flight from KSEA.


So how will your landings be scored?

You will have 1 chance to land, but if on Approach you arent feeling right, you may go around!

Your landing will be scored out of 50 Points (Each Category Is Worth 10 Points)

The Categories:

  • Smoothness on Approach (How smooth you come in. Either very smooth or nosedive) LANDING AID MAY BE ON)
  • Center Line Lineup (How Centered You Are)
  • Flare (How well you flare and how efficiently you do it)
  • Touchdown (The touchdown on the markings and how safe you do it)

The last category is how well overall your appearence is (How your landing looks overall to the judges)
After you land, please exit the runway and taxi to where the lead plane is for a picture.

Your placing will be shown in a Google Doc’s where you can see where you placed. If you request to see how specifically we graded you, please PM me after the event.

Flightplan can be copied from the Lead in the Event: Lgsfly

Parking B01: @Lgsfly (Event Leader)
Parking B02: @Ksisky
Parking B03: @QR01
Parking B04: @Aussie_Wombat
Parking B05: @SVEN_MORLEY
Parking B06: @JakeWB
Parking B07: @Owen_Simonson
Parking B08: @Mike4
Parking B09: @Kelson_IFBrasil
Parking B10: @DJevon_Paxton
Parking B11: iflightpilot_09
Parking B12:
(More Gates Available)


KSEA Tower: Trevor_Austin
KSEA Ground: Trevor_Austin

KPDX Tower (Also Judge): Boeing747-8
KPDX Ground (Also Judge): Boeing747-8

KPDX Approach: Puncakes

Judges: If anyone would like to be a judge, please PM me.
Judge 1 - Balloonchaser
Judge 2 (KPDX Tower and Ground) - Boeing747-8
Judge 3 - AllegiantAir


This is a New Beginning For Hawaiian Virtual Airlines!
We hope that you consider joining us!

Best Of Luck To All In Their B763! :)

Pre Event Poll: How does this event look? 5 Being Amazing, 1 being horrible.

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I should be able to make it. I’ll take a gate!


I will also take a gate please


Roger! Gate B02 is yours!

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Got ya! Gate B01 is yours!


Actually can I be judge?

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2 things, 1) it would be cooler if your flight plan took you over mt Rainer,
2) this looks great however it is my sisters birthday so I don’t think I can come :(

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The flightplan is as if the planes were to go to PHNL or PHOG but then divert to KPDX. (It just incorporates Hawaii into this :)


Oh, ok that makes sense :)

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Did someone say landing competition? 😅😍
I want to join so hard but I don’t know if I’ll be able to make it because it will be 4:30 in India. I’ll let you know if I can.


I’ll take KPDX tower and ground but I would like tower if I can’t get bother

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Thank You for joining us! 😅

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Can you have 2 VA’s?? Because if you can I will join this

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You can be apart of as many VA’s as you want 😅

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It is slightly late for me. But sign me up as I’m a night owl

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Like I said, I dont have the Seattle region nor the aircraft that we’re going to use. Unfortunately.

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Roger! Gate B03 is yours!

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Its okay! We hope to see you next event! :)

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If you have time, please take the Pre - Event Poll

As It helps me and everyone else at Hawaiian Virtual Airlines a idea of how to improve our event ideas and format

Can I take Portland Approach?

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