[Closed] Hawaiian Virtual Airlines: "How Far You'll Go" Event @ PHNL - 202300ZOCT17

Hawaiian Virtual Presents: The “How Far You’ll Go” Event

Its finally here; Global! Hawaiian Virtual Airlines is ready to experience the world of Infinite Flight with you. We have so many cool things planned in the future, but here’s one of them.

Server: Training [GLOBAL]

Airport: PHNL (Hawaii)

Time: 2300Z [October 20th, 2017]


EDT: 7:00 PM
PDT: 4:00 PM
AEST: 9:00 AM
HST: 1:00 PM
(Correct me if wrong)

Aircraft: Boeing 767-300

Livery: Hawaiian Airlines

How it will work:

We will pushback at 2305Z and head to runway’s 04R and 04L. Once everyone has gotten there and is holding short; one by one on each runway we will takeoff. Once you takeoff the event is what you make out of it… How far will you go?


How will scoring work?

My team has been working with the folks of LiveFlight - Flight Tracker for Infinite Flight Live to make this event successful. We will be scoring on how far you go from the original airport (PHNL). By working with the winds, you should calculate which direction and what altitude you should be at to go the fastest and the furthest. As soon as you land or disconnect, you will be scored.


  • Only those flying the Boeing 767 (Hawaiian Livery) will be scored.
  • 6 Passengers on board (Pilot, Co-Pilot, 2nd Officer, Navigator, Flight Medic, Flight Attendant)
  • 0 Cargo
  • Must start at the same time as the other pilots (A minute or 2 off)
  • You must PM me or comment that you are coming (as I need to know who you are.)
  • Make you callsign “Hawaiian ###”


Full tank of gas :)
Check the weather https://www.windy.com/?40.772,-72.941,5 aswell as the forcasted weather (also on Windy. com)
Dont all go the game direction (One may be better than the other)

PHNL Gates:

(To sign up. Comment you IFC name and IF username.)
Parking Gate 04: Balloonchaser - IFC - Balloonchaser
Parking Gate 05: Kevin_Potthast - Kevin_Potthast IFAE
Parking Gate 06: 2345 - bobo2345
Parking Gate 07: Alfonso22 -Alchonub
Parking Gate 08: AggieAirlines - AggieAirlines
Parking Gate 09:
Parking Gate 10:
Parking Gate 11:
Parking Gate 12:
Parking Gate 13:
(More Gates Available If Needed)

PC: Hawaiian Airlines

Hawaiian Virtual Airlines:

NOTE: HVA is not responsible for any user violations during this event

Pre Event Poll: How does this event look? 5 Being Amazing, 1 being horrible.

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Stupid question alert: Do I actually have to land somewhere? Or just distance.

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This event is on Training server so you actually have to plan it out and if not… You could end up with no fuel and plummeting to your death. Thats why when you are low, you should starting looking for a airport to land.

This event is based off of: http://www.balloonfiesta.com/gas-balloons/gas-tracking (They have to land to be scored)

Ok, but that also says disconnect, if no airports are nearby could I just glide until I am low to the ground and disconnect?


That is an option…

This competition is really to test the winds. The best meteorologist wins :P

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Well, I think I can make it! Sign me up as Hawaiian 145.
IF username will be Kevin Potthast IFAE.

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Dang, seems interesting but sadly its on my birthday, That means people will be calling, snapchat texts. so i hope you guys have fun i will try to make it to some other event.
good luck

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Another dumb question: Is it scored based on how far you fly total, or how far you get from Honolulu.


Here you go. :)

Feel free to ask more questions via here or PM

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Thats okay! Well happy early birthday!! We will start having weekly or biweekly events in the future! :)

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thanks, i will try to attend one of your later events

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Do you plan on doing this with other aircraft like the A330 or 717?
I would love to attend those too!

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I think I may join. Its after school so thats good.

IFC - GhostDaGhost / GHOSTY Super

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This does sound like a load of fun. However, to make things more difficult and skill-based, make landing a requirement for the score to count. It will mean that you will have to play smart to win, can’t just fly forever.

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Currently I dont have an intention to… I have other new and cool ideas planed out though.

@GhostDaGhost - Alright! You are all signed up :)

@Ben - I like your idea! I may change it up a bit to fit that more (I just feel like this will be atleast a 20 hour thing (If you plan the winds accordingly and you would have people stay up all night to make sure that they land before they run out… Thats why I feel like it should just be how it is now (Playing with the winds)

But I would love to hear more on how I can improve this event! :)

Display name
Thats it

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So are you signing up? PM me if I dont understand

Ye, I’ll wreck all of you guys

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Alright you are all signed up!! :)

Less Than 48 Hour Left

Until this event begins! Dont miss out on one of the most unique and competitive events!!