[Closed] Hawaiian Marathon @ PHNL - 231700ZAUG17

Server: Training

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL

Date: August 23, 2017

Time: 1700Z

NOTAM: As global approaches, we must prepare ourselves by flying lengthy flights that can take hours. In this event, we will be flying through around the islands of Hawaii, doing touch and goes in the caravan! Bring your favorite Cessna 208 livery to PHNL as we do a multiple hour journey across the pacific islands. We will fly route PHNL-PHMK-PHNY-PHOG-PHTO- PHKO-PHMU-PHNL. Our cruising speed will be 120KIAS (updated) and cruising altitude will be 4000ft MSL. Look out for lead aircraft K-T935 that will be parked at gate 01A for the flight plan. We will taxi in gate order, which will be by registration order. ATC would also be helpful at PHNL for the start and end of our journey, so please sign up for ATC as well. So come on out to the Hawaiian Marathon to earn a lot of xp and flight hours as we anticipate global!
Update: Do not pass lead aircraft K-T935. You can copy flight plan now. At the PHTO-PHKO leg, there are no waypoints so follow shoreline flying VFR. We will depart at 1710Z. If you have not spawned in by then, join at the airport nearest other pilots. Go maximum speed until you reach the rest of the group then go to 100KIAS.


PHNL start of event
Ground: @olaiodrei_Dreisbach
Tower: @olaiodrei_Dreisbach

PHNL end of event
Ground: @olaiodrei_Dreisbach
Tower: @olaiodrei_Dreisbach

Gate Assignments at PHNL
01A: @kylejtam
02: @The_Porsche_Kid
03: @Nathan_Ramos
04: @ChunkyChickInn
07: @Prayuda_Ilham
More gates will be posted if needed
Any tips regarding how to make this event better would be greatly appreciated!

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Hey Kyle,

Check this out :)

sure thing. thanks, will do

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Can i have gate 02 please

sure @The_Porsche_Kid.

Can i take part at gate 07 please?

I’m interested in doing Tower and Ground for all airports

Can i join the event???

Hello! I could be the ATC tower for Ya guys!

I want to participate what time is it on

You’ve got gate 07 @Prayuda_Ilham

Thanks for the interest but I’ll give you the starting portion so others can have a turn.

You’ve got gate 03 @Nathan_Ramos

Great! you can take the finishing portion of ATC.

The event is at 1700Z, so 1300EDT, 1000PDT. I’ll fice you gate 04 for now

Sorry, I’m gong rob ahve to cancel. Something just came up. Sorry

What time in Ireland

That’s fine. @olaiodrei_Dreisbach could you do ATC in the beginning as well?

It will be 1800 in Ireland

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