[Closed] Hawaiian beach party! - IFWP Official event! @ PHNL - 131600ZSEP15

Server: Advanced

Region: Hawaii

Airport: PHNL → PHTO

Time: 1600Z(UTC)

Specially made for Infinite flight members living in Europe and Asia, this weeks event includes both good cockpit view AND good weather!

Server: Advanced
Region: Hawaii
Time: 16:00 Zulu (UTC)
Flight Plan: (Check the screenshot link bellow)

Screenshot by Lightshot

You are allowed to fly at altitude of your choice!

Hope to see you on the sand beaches of Hawaii!

//IFWP Event Manager
Dragoljub Blagojevic


Hopefully it won’t be busy at work and I can join.

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I really hope to see many europeans and asians especially :)

You never see asians föy on events…

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Great event, I’ll be there.

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i guess i missed this one

you have not friend, since its on sunday :D

good cockpit view?

What do you mean

Well, you see the islands and the terrain is quite beautiful!
When I fly I usually do so in cockpit view, and in some regions (like Netherlands for example), it can get quite boring haha :D

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You did not mention when this event for tomorrow is slated to expire…and if all types of aircraft are allowed…

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Hope to be there but live in Texas USA.

Do you ever fly in IF anymore…or just prefer ATCing instead…

Hello Rec!

That information has been intentionally left out because I felt that you should be able to fly whatever you want, when you want it. We have a starting time, but you can participate much much later!


That is fine…but l still need to know the approx event end time…so l can adjust it for my own location time zone…

I dont think so