[Closed] Haunted Chicago @ KDBQ 282000ZOCT15

Server: free flight

Region: Chicago

Airport: KDBQ-KORD

Time: 2000zz

NOTAM: All information here



Can I come in an Atlanta Falcons B717?

Yes you can but the callsign has to be haunted ( then 2 numbers )

I’ll be there
@Belfast_spotter would you like to come to my event [Closed] Cargo Event @ KLAX - 291600ZOCT15

Ok, my callsign will be Haunted 21.

If we join this event do we all get ghosted?


Lol no because it’s on free flight

No we don’t 😂😂

Need to get the stealth fighter on IF so we can creep on little Boeings and shout ‘boo!’ :-D

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I do not understand how this event will work please someone explain. It would be appricriated

It’s just a flight from KDBQ to KORD the livery you use has to have black and orange in it

You also have to wear a sheet while you’re playing the game and make ‘woooooo oooooo’ noises to yourself.

Not ‘wooo oooh’ though, that’s a Tawny Owl. A small difference but an important one.

And it must be at night @The_Atwood_Family

Oooo Yeahhh … Hehehe let’s get more people in this event!

I hope this FNF will be good since it’s Halloween but sir Tyler hasn’t posted it yet …

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It will be posted tomorrow I think

Hey I saw you at Bournemouth today in a British Airways A380.

Was that you @wujdtmann ?

I was the Transaero A380

Did you land ??!