CLOSED Happy New Years! Lets Celebrate At The City That Never Sleeps! @KJFK - 010500ZJAN20

Host - TheFlyingGuy1

The Event

We will be celebrating New Years at JFK in Infinite Flight right at the time of the ball drop. This event will also be very realistic with correct gate assignments. It will be as realistic as you can get in Infinite Flight. During this event we will be celebrating an end to 2019 and a beginning of a new year. This will be one of the only event that takes place in two years!!! Hope you can join my next event. It will be a blast! 🚀

The Airport
John F. Kennedy International Airport (ICAO - KJFK IATA - JFK) is one of the largest and most busy airports in the world. It is New York City’s largest airport. It has many diverse Route all over the globe and is a hub for many major airlines. It has 4 runways and 4 helipads. The runways are capable to handle all aircraft. The airport opened on July 1st, 1948. It has serviced over 61,909,148 passengers and had over 455,529 aircraft operations. The airport was initially named Idlewild Airport but was renamed to JFK because of the 35th president. It has 6 passenger terminals containing 128 gates. Click here for the official JFK website. Click here for more airport info. And finally click here for charts and more!

Concept of JFK renovation.

New York City
New York City aka NYC is one of the largest cities in the world. It in the most populated city in the United States. It is also the most densely populated city in the United States. The city has a population of over 8,398,768. Wow that is a lot! The city is also known for having the statue of liberty. Click here for the cities official website. Click here for even more info about the city.

Server: Expert

Airport: KJFK John F. Kennedy

Time and Date: January 1st at 0500Z

Automatically converts to your timezone. The day might appear different from the title. Use this as your main source. Not the title.

NOTAMS: Spawn into your correct gate. Follow all procedures. Use unicom or ATC. NO TROLLING. And most importantly, HAVE FUN!

You are responsible to make your own flight plane. I would strongly suggest using FPLTOIF for correct procedures. I am NOT responsible for violations or ghosts during the event.

Airport Chart:

Overview of Airport:



Terminal 1

Gate 02 Lufthansa A340-600 to EDDM
Gate 03 Aeroflot 777-300ER to UUEE
Gate 04 Norwegian 787-9 to LEBL
Gate 05 Korean Airlines A380-800 to RKSI
Gate 06 Air France 777-300ER to LFPG @Scandanavian54super
Gate 07 Lufthansa 747-8 to EDDF
Gate 08 Air France 777-200ER to LFPO
Gate 10 Alitalia 777-200ER to LIRF
Gate 11 Norwegian 787-9 to EGKK

Terminal 2

Gate 70 Delta CRJ-900 to KBUF
Gate 69 Delta 717-200 to KCLT
Gate 68 Delta A321 to KMCO
Gate 67 Delta 757-200 to KSAN
Gate 66 Delta 767-300 to KLAX
Gate 65 Delta 737-900 to KPDX
Gate 64 Delta 757-200 to KSFO
Gate 63 Delta 757-200 to EGPH
Gate 62 Delta 737-900 to KLAS
Gate 61 Delta 737-900 to KATL @InfiniteFlight48

Terminal 4B

Gate 20 Delta 737-900 to MDST
Gate 22 KLM 747-400 to EHAM
Gate 24 Delta 737-900 to TJSJ
Gate 25 Delta 717-200 to KTPA
Gate 26 Delta A330-300 to SBGR
Gate 27 Etihad A380-800 to OMAA @ran
Gate 28 Delta A330-300 to LIRF
Gate 29B Swiss A330-300 to LSGG
Gate 30 Delta 757-200 to MMMX
Gate 31 Asiana A350-900 to RKSI @TheFlyingGuy1
Gate 32 Swiss A330-300 to LSZH
Gate 33 Delta 767-300 to KLAX
Gate 34 Delta 737-900 to KDEN @den.aviation
Gate 35 Delta 767-300 to EHAM
Gate 36 Delta 737-900 to KSEA
Gate 37 Delta A330-300 to LFPG
Gate 38 Delta 757-200 to KATL
Gate 39 Delta 737-900 to MDSD
Gate 41 Delta 767-300 to SBGL @jet_centric
Gate 42 Delta CRJ-200 to CYUL
Gate 43 Delta CRJ-900 to KROC
Gate 44 Delta CRJ-200 to KORF
Gate 45 Delta CRJ-200 to KIAD
Gate 46 Delta CRJ-900 to KRDU @TestFlight009
Gate 47 Delta CRJ-900 to KPIT @Tyler_Cehelsky
Gate 48 Delta CRJ-900 to KCVG
Gate 49 Delta CRJ-900 to KCLE
Gate 51 Delta CRJ-900 to KJAX
Gate 53 Delta CRJ-900 to KBOS
Gate 55 Delta CRJ-900 to CYYZ

Terminal 4A

Gate 02 Unavailable
Gate 03 China Airlines 777-300ER to RCTP
Gate 04 Unavailable
Gate 05 Swiss A330-300 to LSZH @Kuan_H
Gate 06A Emirates A380-800 to LIMC @PlaneGeek
Gate 07A Singapore Airlines A380-800 to EDDF @Thunderbolt

Terminal 5

Gate 01 Jet Blue A320 to KSAV
Gate 02 Jet Blue A320 to KFLL
Gate 03 Jet Blue E190 to KBUF
Gate 04 Jet Blue E190 to KSYR
Gate 05 Jet Blue A320 to MDPP
Gate 06 Jet Blue E190 to KORD
Gate 07 Jet Blue E190 to KRDU
Gate 08 Jet Blue A321 (Sharklets) to MDST @AviatorGamerYT
Gate 09 Jet Blue E190 to KROC
Gate 10 Jet Blue A320 to KRSW
Gate 11 Jet Blue E190 to KBOS
Gate 12 Jet Blue A321 (Sharklets) to TNCA
Gate 13 Jet Blue E190 to KBTV
Gate 14 Jet Blue A320 to KMSY
Gate 15 Jet Blue A320 to KJAX
Gate 16 Jet Blue A320 to KATL
Gate 17 Jet Blue A321 (Sharklets) to TBPB
Gate 18 Jet Blue A321 (Sharklets) to KLAX @Ren
Gate 19 Jet Blue A321 (Sharklets) to KLAS
Gate 20 Jet Blue A320 to MKJS
Gate 21 Jet Blue A321 (Sharklets) to MTPP
Gate 22 Jet Blue A321 (Sharklets) to KSFO
Gate 23 Jet Blue A321 (Sharklets) to MMUN
Gate 24 Jet Blue A320 to MYNN
Gate 25 Jet Blue A320 to KAUS
Gate 26 Jet Blue A320 to KTPA
Gate 27 Jet Blue A320 to KSLC
Gate 28 Jet Blue A321 (Sharklets) to MDSD @Brando
Gate 29 Jet Blue A320 to MWCR
Gate 30 Jet Blue A321 (Sharklets) to KSFO

Terminal 7

Gate 01 Alaska Airlines 737-900 to KSEA
Gate 02 Alaksa Airlines 737-900 to KPDX
Gate 03 Alaksa Airlines 737-900 (2016) to KLAX @Chauncey
Gate 04 Alaska Airlines 737-900 (2016) to KSEA
Gate 05 ANA 777-300ER to RJAA
Gate 06 British Airways 747-400 to EGLL
Gate 07 Unavailable
Gate 08 Alaska Airlines 737-900 (2016) to KPDX
Gate 09 ANA 777-300ER to RJTT
Gate 10 Alaska Airlines 737-900 (2016) to KSEA
Gate 11 Alaska Airlines 737-900 (More To Love/Virgin) to KSFO
Gate 12 Alaska Airlines 737-900 (2016) to KSJC @BigBert10

Terminal 8

Gate 01 American Airlines 777-200ER to LIMC
Gate 02 LATAM Airlines 787-9 to SPJC @Suhas
Gate 03 American Airlines 777-200ER to EGLL
Gate 04 LATAM Airlines Brazil/TAM 777-300ER to SBGR
Gate 05 LATAM Airlines 787-9 to SCEL
Gate 06 American Airlines 777-200ER to LEMD
Gate 07 American Airlines 777-200ER to LEBL
Gate 08 American Airlines 757-200 to TIST
Gate 10 American Airlines 777-200ER to SAEZ
Gate 12X Qantas 787-9 to YSSY @EyesSkyward
Gate 14 Cathay Pacific 777-300ER to CYVR
Gate 16 Cathay Pacific 777-300ER to VHHH
Gate 31A Unavailable
Gate 31B Unavailable
Gate 31C Unavailable
Gate 31D Unavailable
Gate 32F Unavailable
Gate 32G Unavailable
Gate 32H Unavailable
Gate 32I Unavailable
Gate 33 American Airlines 737-800 to KCLT
Gate 34 American Airlines 737-800 to KLAS
Gate 35 American Airlines 737-800 to KDFW
Gate 36 American Airlines 737-800 to KMIA
Gate 37 American Airlines A321 (Sharklets) to KLAX @king_ps09
Gate 38 American Airlines 737-800 to TXKF
Gate 39 American Ailines 757-200 to MMUN
Gate 40 American Airlines A321 (Sharklets) to KBOS
Gate 41 American Airlines A321 (Sharklets) to KLAX
Gate 42 American Airlines 737-800 to KAUS
Gate 43 American Airlines 737-800 to KDCA @10R80_Daily
Gate 44 American Airlines 737-800 to KPHX
Gate 45 American Airlines 737-800 to KORD
Gate 46 American Airlines A321 (Sharklets) to KSFO
Gate 47 American Airlines 737-800 to KSAT

Cargo Area A

Cargo Apron 01R
Cargo Apron 02
Cargo Apron 03A

Cargo Area B

Cargo Apron 01
Cargo Apron 02A Qatar Cargo 777-200F to KORD @BennyBoy
Cargo Apron 03
Cargo Apron 04
Cargo Apron 05
Cargo Apron 06
Cargo Apron 07
Cargo Apron 08

Cargo Area C

Cargo Apron 01
Cargo Apron 02
Cargo Apron 03
Cargo Apron 04
Cargo Apron 05
Cargo Apron 06
Cargo Apron 07
Cargo Apron 08
Cargo Apron 09
Cargo Apron 10
Cargo Apron 11
Cargo Apron 12
Cargo Apron 13
Cargo Apron 14
Cargo Apron 15

Cargo Area D

Cargo Apron 01
Cargo Apron 02
Cargo Apron 03
Cargo Apron 04
Cargo Apron 05
Cargo Apron 06
Cargo Apron 07
Cargo Apron 08
Cargo Apron 09
Cargo Apron 10
Cargo Apron 11
Cargo Apron 12
Cargo Apron 13
Cargo Apron 14
Cargo Apron 15

General Aviation (Read Below)

GA Apron 01
GA Apron 02
GA Apron 03
GA Apron 04
GA Apron 05


Will be added as needed for overflow.

GA Gates MAX plane size is Cessna Citation X. NO light aircraft allowed.
Cargo Gates are for REQUEST ONLY. Please let me know if you want a cargo gate.
Hardstand will be added in case of OVERFLOW.

All of these flights are real life routes. Most gates were found with LiveFlight. If I made any mistakes please PM me. Hope to see you at JFK!

Thank You For Attending Another One Of The Quality


1st Photo: Transparent JFK Logo here.
2nd Photo: Concept Of JFK Renovation here.
3rd Photo: New York Bay With Downtown In The Background here.
4th Photo: JFK Airport Chart here.
5th Photo: Overview Of JFK here.
6th Photo: Location Of JFK here.
7th Photo: TheFlyingGuy1 Events PM Me For Original Photo
1st Resource: Correct Terminal And Gate Assignments here.
2nd Resource: Confirming Aircraft, Airline And Livery here.
3rd Resource: Interactive Airport Chart With Gate Sizes here.
4th Resource; Infinite Flight Gates And Livery’s here.


This is a wiki so you may add yourself or add other for me if you want. If you would like to co-host please PM me.


This one please
BAVA 220

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Your in. Thanks for attending

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Could I get gate 41 to GIG instead of ACC, the 10pm departure makes almost all of the transatlantic flights too short for a westbound for me.

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JFK-GIG does not show up. Is it a real route?

The route is flown during the winter season so yeah it’s a seasonal route


Ok one second

What airline again?

I would like to fly this one please

OIFA - Chauncey

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Erm…your thread says the event is on Jan 1st at 0500Z (Midnight in NY) but the title says it is Dec 31st at 0500Z (a whole 24 hours beforehand)

Which is it?

JFK-SDQ JetBlue A321

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It’s because of the time zones. Yea it is the 1st actually. My bad.

Now this is gonna happen at 11:00pm on the 31st in NY. If you want it on the dot of the New Year in NY it should be:



Typo lol

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Everyone is added

I think I’ll request a gate now:

Any Cargo Gate
CargoLux 747-8 (my fav cargo livery)
Destination: Hong Kong (HKG/VHHH)

T5 Gate 18 please.

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Terminal 4A Gate 05 Swiss A330-300 to Zurich please , thank you 😉

Can you send me an image of the route. I can’t find it

Everyone else is added