[CLOSED] Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas Fun | Star Alliance @ KEGE - 252100ZDEC16

Holiday event taking place in our region of the month!
First day of Hanukkah and Christmas land on the same day this year!
Come join us even if you don’t celebrate these holidays!

Server: Training

Region: Colorado

Airport: KEGE

Aircraft: Any Star Alliance aircraft which is a 757, A321 or SMALLER

Date & Time: December 25 @ 2100Z

NOTAM: Follow Flight plan below.!We will be flying at 15000ft MSL at 235 KIAS decent will start at waypoint TESKY. We will be flying FORMATION on this flight.

Gate Assignments
Gate 1: @mattrich
Gate 2: @Binesh_Ashokan
Gate 3: @Oscar_Conklin
Gate 4: @flyme2bluemoon
Gate 5: @Liam_Purcell_Media
Gate 6: @tranquil_skyflyer
Gate 7
Gate 8

Flight Plan

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What date is the event on?

Fixed, December 25.

Pls sign me in

I will do that for you

I will come

You do not need to be apart of Star Alliance to participate.

Thai 02 will be there in a 777-2

Don’t forget about the aircraft restrictions in the area.

Roger that if worst comes to worst I’ll come in a United it’s A320

The event is in 4 hours.

Event starting soon!

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