[Closed] Happy 1 Month Frontier VA 🍻 @ KDEN - 302000ZOCT16

Server: TS2

Region: Denver, Colorado

Airport: Denver International Airport

Time: Sunday 30th, 2000Z as predecided by YOU the forum d

Aircraft: A318 (Generic), ERJ-170 (generic), A321 (Generic

NOTAM: What is up forum users and pilots alike…Frontier Virtual is bringing you our second event and this isn’t any ordinary group flight event. No no no, frontier VA is celebrating:

  1. Oir 1 month Anniversary!!! We have been around since Sept. 21st
  2. Our 100 flights milestone has been crossed
  3. We have over 15 active pilots in slack chat right now!

I know to many we continually use Denver Region as our main event place. If you would prefer a different region feel free to DM me. Keep in mind we will not be using regions that we do not have routes in. You can find more on our routes, fleets, and joining applications on our website as linked below.

Alright so we will be departing Denver International on this very long 450+ mile flight plan!!

Yes this event does not have a time yet but if you head over to the Frontier Polling event listed below for you I need the comments, you can vote on when you would best be equipped to attend this event.

To celebrate this feat of activity and wonderful pilots, we will be having a long flight in our hub region. You can come during any leg of the flight. If you want to come with us as far as KEGE or KASE that’s fine! If you can come 3/4 and land at KCOS that also works. Or if you want to be a trooper with time you can come the whole 450+ flight for a group photo at the end. Many congrats to Frontier VA and all her pilots for making this virtual airline a truly successful venture.

Concourse A:
Gate A40: @Tecnam2TA
Gate A41: Ben_Schenk
Gate A42: @AdamCallow
Gate A43: @NismoKits
Gate A44: @Infinite.flight
Gate A45: @Mix56awesome
Gate A46: @Flightfan84
Gate A47: Captain_Matt
Gate A48: @Lars_Thorein
Gate A49: @Kevinlu11
Gate A50: @Dairell_Martinez
Gate A51: @mike_mclain
Gate A52:

Ten gates have been put up. Obviously there are people who show up without reserving a gate but if it is in your power please try and reserve a gate so frontier staff have a head start knowledge on how many to prepare for.

Welcome aboard image smooth landings to all


Here’s that link to the poll everyone 👍🏼

Sign me in gate A40 please, If it is available.

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Welcome aboard Frontier Airlines flight nonstop to KDEN!

Alright folks the event is now officially scheduled for Sunday 30th. If you like what you’ve seen so far or even if you don’t 😉 hop into your A318 and celebrate such an amazing virtual airline!! Frontier is in its toddler years but hey…it’s learnt to walk :)
Recruiting is now officially opened so reserve your gate now to help make this event even more fantastic then the others.

This is Frontier Virtual welcoming you aboard…(ding ding)

If you haven’t seen already, this was our last event turnout! Don’t miss the action.

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I’ll join if it’s on TS1/2

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Welcome aboard. It will be in TS2 and your gate has been reserved for you.

@mike_mclain another event. Just you said you would Ben interested haha so if you still are.

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Sorry, I can’t join.

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I’ll come. Looks fun.

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I’ll sign up up thanks for continually coming. Nice to see an old face z:) and j. Sorry @ek777 sad to see you go

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It will be a fun event

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I’ll take gate a45

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Welcome aboard @NismoKits and @Mix56awesome to Frontiers event!! 🍻❤️

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I’ll be there, already added it to my calendar. Looking forward to flying with you all!


Welcome aboard my old friend. Frontier airlines is lucky to have you

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Sign me up!

Welcome to Frontier vs my fellow friend 😊Gate reserved for you.

This event is in 3 days😬😬 don’t be that pilot who misses out and in retrospect wishes he could have been there!!! It’s really easy…look at your calander, make sure you are free, come to the comment section, say “I’m in” and your name will be entered into our reserved gates!!

Fly the friendly skies with YOUR ultra-low-cost-carrier


@SkyHighGuys you could add me in slack