[Closed] Half way around the world!!! @EGCC 231900ZMay19

Server: Training

Airport: EGCC-NZAA

Time: 1900Z

Date: 23-24 May

Aircraft and Livery 747-8 Any Livery


  • Spawn in 20 mins early for flight plan

  • This is a 22-24 hour flights so it will take most of the next day and an overnight flight!

  • Probably the longest route ever using a 747-800

Flight plan:

Manchester Ground
Manchester Tower
Manchester Approach

Aukland Approach
Aukland Tower
Aukland Ground

Terminal 2:
Stand 202
Stand 203
Stand 204
Stand 205
Stand 206
Stand 207
Stand 208
Stand 209
Stand 210
Stand 211
Stand 212

Will add more gates if needed
Please do share it around to get more people to attend!

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Cool event. But the flight is way too long for me and probably other people. But nice event anyway!

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Ye I do agree and it is a long event

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