[CLOSED] Haggis Wings VA Inaugural Flight @ EGLL - 121700ZMAR17

Server: Casual

Region: London

Airport: EGLL

Time: 1700Z

Hello everyone and welcome to Haggis Wings!

We are a newly started virtual airline here on the community and we are holding our first recruitment event to gain members.

For this first event we are taking to the skies of London (Heathrow being one of our largest hubs). We will fly from Heathrow (EGLL) to Birmingham (EGBB). We will pushback from the gate at approximately 1705Z and taxi to the active runway. We will then takeoff (remaining separation between aircraft). We will cruise at 15,000 - 18,000, speed 240kts below 10,000. After 10,000 we will increase speed to around 320-30kts.

There will be a flight plan and you can copy this from @Thomas_Ralph , however you can make your own FPL if you prefer.

Aircraft preference should be any Airbus aircraft (preferably the generic livery, however you can come in an airline livery)

Gates will be as follows:

Gate 220: @Thomas_Ralph
Gate 221: @J9J9T
Gate 222: @ewanfleming
Gate 223:
Gate 224: @RTG113
Gate 225: @Milen_Jacob
Gate 226: @Abhishek_Bhattachary
Gate 231: @Andrew2002
Gate 232: @Djcammo

More gates can be arranged if necessary!

Don’t forget to check out our virtual airline:

And remember go ahead and join us if you like what you see and for that true scottish feel! Remember we are the only number 1 scottish Virtual Airline!!

Thanks, and hope to see you joining the event as well as the VA!

All the team at Haggis Wings!

Happy and safe landings!

Thomas Ralph

President & Owner
Haggis Wings VA


I really wish I could come but unfortunately I’m busy that day at that time (school). Good luck on the VA!


Remember to sign up the event isn’t that long away! There is plenty of spaces available

can i have a gate just for participation


Which Gate Can I have? Small guestion: Can we begin at 1930z?

Thanks in Advance

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As you know, I’m part of the VA - I’ll come please

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Do you want a gate?, the event will start 1700Z sorry but that’s the only available time.

Yes that is okay. Thanks

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Okay, I have given you a gate.

Do. you come and fly online EGGL gate 221

Hi, can you maybe pm this, this thread is for our event discussion only.

Sorry but do. you come

For anyone in the event, here is the FPL:

Feel free to change runways if the weather conditions make it necessary.

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I’ll be there and since we are partner airlines I’m going to encourage my staff to join as well :)


Omg haha, Scottish VA?

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Yes we are a new Scottish VA.

Like to join, can i have a gate please

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You will be able to… @Thomas_Ralph pls add him a gate!

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I coming to this event. Put me in gate 231.

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Sorry I can’t come to this event