{CLOSED} Group flight @EDDF - 041200ZMAY19

  • Aircraft and Livery: Lufthansa A321/320

  • Route: EDDF-EGLL

  • Time of Departure: 12:00 Pm (GMT)

  • Server: Expert

  • Additional Information: Copy my flight plan when spawned
    Please spawn in remote stands V130 - V-125

See you in 10 minutes!

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I’ll come too :)

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Awesome! Thanks! See you in 5 mins:)

Everyone, I’m already spawned. If you want to get ready for the flight, spawn now

alredy on flight ?

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No, on parking

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Okay im Comming can you wait 2 mins Please?

Can I have some information about speed and altitudes!

Sure! no problem

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Yeah i Need Alt and Speed

Flight level: 32
Speed: on takeoff under 10000: 240
Cruise: MO.80

M.087 ?? Really mate.? 😳

Why? Is it too fast? is MO.86 good?

I think M.087 is too fast for an a320 / 321

speed should be around 0.78-0.80

A320 fam goes at M 0.80 as @George_Anastasis stated

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or really? oops than MO.80

Oh, I meant MO.78 no 87 XD

Alright, I’m starting pushack