[CLOSED] Ground & Tower @ EGBB on TS1

Hey there, I just want to see how well I can control aircraft as ATC. I’ll be on for about an hour or more unless something comes up. I’d appreciate some feedback from how I do if you could :-)

On my way I’ll be C208 N2DV :)

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Oh yeah I’m sorry if I make mistakes in advanced :)

I’m coming, G-JOHN. Either dash or a318

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No need to be Sorry we all have to learn :)
Sequencing for me Was great
You got me and the 787 mixed should’ve just cleared me 1 for option and let him be number 2
Clearing: was great right on time
Thanks for the service I had a great time :)
Ever considered joining IFATC you could get some training and make sure you are ready for Expert Server ATC must be at least 14 :)
Here is the Topic :)



Interesting take off I guess, sorry I couldn’t stay for longer. Feedback:
Don’t crash people XD

Yeah sorry lol first time that all the people actually listened to me on TS1 I wasn’t expecting that…

You need to give pattern instructions to incoming aircrafts wich dont do patterns. Otherwise i dont find mistakes 😀

I thought that I’d ask the others for feedback first before I asked IFATC for a training session in case they thought I was drunk :)

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Yeah I wasn’t sure about that, I watched the ATC videos on IF’s Youtube channel, and I saw how smaller aircraft are cleared before larger ones, and I just wasn’t sure whether do do that or not.

Yep GA first if both are on Downwind :) simple mistake I have done it before to

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