[Closed] Ground and Tower TS1 @ EGBB

Feedback appreciated



Great session in all honesty you are IFATC material buddy.

Anyway Josh I only have a few things to clear up, even than they are minor.

  1. Clearence for takeoff after getting the intentions next time. Haha I think you relised after I said stand by.

  2. When an aircraft is the pattern you do not require intentions unless they are behaving differently. You must always give the Clearence even without hearing them called position. (Sequencing squeezes In before Clearence as well) You already heard the intentions, either its inbound for touch and go or takeoff in the pattern.

  3. When an aircraft requests inbound for landing the appropriate Clearence is Landing. (Even though option stands for Both, it’s more professional and better practice)

  4. Now option Clearence, if you give a pattern entry on takeoff E.g: Left Traffic and than clear me for left traffic after the option, it is not needed. This isn’t important but it just tidies things up. If your keeping the aircraft on the same pattern entry only clear for the option.

My word of advice is that you go! Go for IFATC, to me you seem confident and pretty darn good.

Cheers Oli

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