[CLOSED] Ground and Tower at PHTO on TS1

hello again for the third time today. as you all can tell im in a learning mood and striving to improve my ATC knowledge and skills. come fly with me again and give feedback!


Il come by in 5-10 mins

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I’ll be right there!

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I will be there as N999ZZ

Good job! Just a hiccup here or there… overall great job! Hoping to see you in IFATC some day. :)

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  • Pointless extend downwind given. You sequenced me behind the airforce jet so i know who to follow.

  • No runway exit command given.

Overall very good job.

My callsign was M-AGIC

you were the one that entered the rwy without clearance. in that notification it contains an exit rwy command

I did not enter the runway without clearance. I was cleared for the option and I reported I was doing a full stop. I landed and no exit command was given.

I never received an “your no cleared to enter the runway, please exit the runway” command

You must have me confused with another aircraft.

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oh you mean that kind of exit rwy command… didnt know that was required…
and yeah i must have…


I show up and you leave 😂

well then show up sooner! i have been there for an hour now! and i have to go to work!

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Why didn’t you tell Speedbird121 to go around ? I was still on runway when he touched down ?

you were at the opposite end and about to exit the rwy.

The aircraft must fully vacate the runway and be across the hold short line in order for other aircraft to depart or arrive in terms of availability.

Essentially, the runway is the equivalent of the SAT. The pilot would like his space and preferably avoid certain death or going up in a fiery ball of flames.


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