(Closed) Grnd/Twr @ KLGA TS1

(Open) Grnd/Twr @ KLGA

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Training server, I presume?

I’ll come in a few minutes

Training, yes

I was just flying patterns and you never cleared me for the option, just sayed roger, also , 13,000 is too high for a transition, no other traffic was above 3,500.

Thanks. I don’t even know what transition is for. Please explain?

Can’t come, sorry

A transition is when an art plane passes over your airports airspace at less that 5k feet, they then have to request a transition and the ATC approves transition at a certain altitude depending on the altitudes of other traffic

Other than that, I thought you did good

Thanks, Dhops.

And thanks to all for the practice. I believe I need to focus on Tower, without simultaneously doing Ground, so I can get a better handle on it. Doing both at once is a little too hectic for me as this stage.


The recommended method is to start with only ground, then move to tower, then tower and ground. Master them individually and then you can more easily perform both simultaneously.

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Thanks, good idea.

You’re welcome! Any questions feel free to ask, PM or public.

One thing I noticed is that you never say taxi to runwayxx after the pilot pushback and request taxi clearance. Instead you say hold short of runway xx or continue taxi which both are wrong. You should say taxi to runway xx, the pilot should hold short at the runway automatically if no further instructions are given.

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Thanks, @Hezz.

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