[Closed] "Global," With Delta Virtual @ KATL - 222000ZOCT17

Could I get a gate? Please?

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Actually something just came up a family emergency but will keep a look out for your guys next event would love to come and hait I have to miss this one! Sorry

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@jdalabama14 A24 :).

I’ll take a gate. I’ve got that kinda free time

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Awesome! A25 is all yours :)

gate please? :) :) :)


I’m on it! A26 is all you. ;)

When is the start of event ?

The event starts at 4pm EDT so in two hours

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I’ll be there. Where is your main VA Page?

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I’m glad you could attend. :) A27

Here is a link to our main thread:

There are conversions under Time as well as a link to the Zulu chart under Resources :)

I would like to have a gate please…

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I’m on it! A28 is yours. :)

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Ok thank you…

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The following is our current taxi instructions. Please follow this to maintain a nice flow of traffic with no major delays.
NOTAM has also been updated

— Terminal T
Runway(s) in use - 26L/08R
26L: taxi via Echo
08R: taxi via Victor, Hotel

— Terminal A
Runway(s) in use - 27R/09L
27R: taxi via Lima 4, Mike, Mike 20
09L: taxi via Lima 4, Mike, Tango

36 PM

Active runways --> 08R – 09L

— Updated NOTAM
NOTAM: KATL-KLAS // M.79 at cruise alt. // expect possible minor turbulence // KATL expect turbulence upon take off & during climb // KLAS expect normal wind conditions during descent & upon landing // FPL made by @Gavin_Hertel and is to be copied at KATL after spawning in //

Event begins in less then 40 minutes


Aw man this means we won’t get the super long take off line lol. Anyone wanna fly some patterns while we wait?

Terminal T will be a great place to take some pictures as Aircraft are holding short and taking off ;)

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I love seeing two VA s having events so close to each other haha. Best of luck y’all. You might see us heading to KDFW at some point. Wave those spoilers if you do ;)

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Ahhh I am only grade 2 so I am unable to attend this event, I wish I could though. Have a great flight everyone!