[CLOSED] Global Flight (People are Doing it Now)

I’ve heard of people already doing global flight. I’ve seen them go out of regions and into others. Some say it’s possible and others say it’s not. So, is it possible and have you done it? If you’ve done it how do you do it?

It is technically possible, however FDS do not approve of it.

There is no terrain in other regions when this is done.


It is possible, but terrain and airports outside of the original region will not load, and ATC will ghost you in the advanced server because you won’t be able to contact them.

As far as I know, it usually involves two people. One person will fly the global flight. What they do is they takeoff and start flying in the direction of the destination (which is in another region). By doing this, they will have to leave the region they started in. When you leave a region there is nothing except for an invisible floor at FL 000. While flying outside of the region, Infinite Flight will automatically set your throttle to 0 if you let go of it. The most popular technique is to hold the throttle at 100% and then press the pause button. This will then keep the throttle at 100% and will let you keep flying unless you’re in singleplayer.

Once you’ve reached the destination region, you’ll notice that instead of terrain textures or stuff like that, it is all just a white floor. You will then need a second person, or just yourself, to go on something like Live Flight to see where you are and where the other airports are. It is EXTREMELY hard because there is a delay, so you’ll have to plan everything out and just use Life Flight as a backup.

People have also said that other people that started in your destination region can see you, but you can’t see them, but I’m not 100% positive on this.

FDS has asked a few times that people refrain from doing stuff like this, but many others say to just do it on the Free Flight server so that air traffic controllers don’t get mad.


You could attempt circumnavigate the plannet.

I did attempt it, and the region I started in at the beginning didn’t load when I returned two days later.

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Max, I flew from JFK-LAX in July, and I could see all the aircraft. This says you can see aircraft.