(Closed) Global Career - Cozumel Getaway! @ MMCZ - 242000ZFEB18

Hello pilots!

Come on in to Cozumel International Airport as part of your Global Career Mode!

What's Career Mode?

Some of you may remember a thread that I put up a little before Global was released, called “Global Career Mode” .

Global Career Mode

What this basically is, is acting as a real life pilot, who flies to one airport, then flies to another.

Starting from the last gate you ended at. Simple enough, right? However, you must know a few things about this:

What Career Mode is NOT

  • Something that restricts you to only flying one aircraft on Infinite Flight. Career Mode is something you can make your own schedule with, and isn’t in the way if you want to fly an A380 from JFK to Dubai.
  • Meaning you have to fly the same aircraft every single day. You can fly to an airport one day, then fly to another one in the next week, or next month. This is your own schedule!

What it IS

  • Something different to do aside from all those cargo, military and commercial flights.
  • Something realistic to do (you decide how realistic you want to get)
  • A new experience in Infinite Flight. Trust me, you won’t want to have hard landings if you treat your aircraft like your baby.

Now, this thread got lots of traction, and I started seeing people take interest in it. The purpose of this event is to see how many of you have started your own Career Mode. Take your private jet out to Cozumel, Mexico, to enjoy a nice stay at a Cozumel resort for as long as you like! To put yourself down to attend, just comment your home airport and aircraft!

If you haven’t started a Career Mode, don’t be afraid to start one now and show up! All you have to do is choose a private jet in Infinite Flight or a General Aviation aircraft (if you want to), and start at your home airport.

Server: Expert
Region: Mexico
Aircraft: A318 ACJ, A319 Generic (ACJ), 737-700 BBJ, 737-800 Generic (BBJ), 737-900 BBJ, Cessna Citation X
Route: Your Airport —> MMCZ
Time: 2000Z or 3:00PM EST (You should arrive at MMCZ by this time)

NOTAMS (Landing runways, arrival gates, planning)
  • The main runway for landing will be runway 11. If you want to land on runway 05, make sure you do not interfere with runway 11 landings.

  • I heavily suggest that pilots participating should file a flight plan using SimBrief. It will give you an accurate route, accurate fuel and descent calculations.

Introduction to SimBrief

These five gates are ONLY for A318 ACJs, A319 ACJs, and 737 BBJs.

  • image

These gates (next to runway 11) will be used for the Cessna Citation X.

  • image

Hopefully we can meet some people from different areas! I hope that others will try doing Career Mode, as it really brings something new to the table.


@Kevinsoto1502 737-700BBJ (KMCO-MMCZ | 566NM)
@kylen15 Cessna Citation X (KCVG-MMCZ | 1119 NM)
@Etrain 737-700BBJ (CYYC-KMIA-MMCZ | 2648 NM)
@Nathan Cessna Citation X (KBED-MMCZ | 1555NM)
@Ashton_Liberty Cessna Citation X (KMCI-MMCZ | 1197NM)
@GolferRyan Cessna Citation X (KAPA-MMCZ | 1469NM)


Pilots, please make sure to plan beforehand to arrive at 3PM EST (2000Z)!

And please double check if your aircraft has enough range to do a direct flight. If you must do a stopover, then plan it beforehand.

I already have done this but on my own, and i didnt know what it was

Ill take a gate count me in! ;)

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Oh really? Would you like to show up? The airport is really beautiful, and the resorts are better. :)

KMCO and 737(Generic)

Which variant will you be using?

By looking at the title the event takes place on the 17th of february at 2000z in the year 2024?

However i think this idea is really really creative and i’ll come out, I’ll start at KCVG and be in a CCX.

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I’m still at grade 2 because of violations, sorry

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737/R or incase you dont know 737-709

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And this is the 24th of Februrary?

This event takes place on February 24th yes. This is my first event in a while to excuse me if the title is messed up. 😅

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Haha no worries! And perfect I will be actually taking my private 737 (N15KS) instead and this is a great experience to hang out and fly with other professionals😊

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Cool! I’ll put you and Kevin down.

Sign me up :) I’ll be there in my private 737 ;)

Okay, what’s your home airport and which 737 variant?

I know you live in Canada so…

YYC, and I will be doing a stop in Miami first :)

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I might be flying over Miami on my way there, since I’m coming from La Guardia. :)

So far I’m the only A318 CJ.

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So far, four in total will be showing up at Cozumel. If we only have 5 members, I will allow all to park at the ramps in between runways 05 and 11. We shall see in the upcoming days!

I plan for more Career Mode events to be made, such as ones where the 747-8 BBJ can be allowed… And smaller airports where GAs are more welcome.

This sounds fun. Count me in!

C750 | KBED-MMCZ | 1555NM

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