[Closed] Geniusman’s ATC tracking thread

Hello! I am in the middle of my IFATC training. Here I will post when I’m open, where I’m open and what frequencies I will have open so you may come by and fly some patterns!
Please feel free to leave feedback and constructive criticism.

Airport: None

Frequencies: N/A


I’m open now at KSSC! Come by and fly some patterns!

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Update: Now closed, thanks to everyone who came out.

Are you still open? I can come down and see how you are doing…

No, sorry. I will be opening again in 10 minutes.

I am reopened at KSSC, stop by for some patterns!

Alright I will now come down :) I am N530FN

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I feel that you know what you’re doing and you would be ready for the practical test. Just want to give you a few tips to help you out even more!

  • No need to keep saying “…After the option, make left traffic” The aircraft is suppose to know which way to go after taking off, use this if you want to change the direction the you want the aircraft to be.
  • This is very very picky of me but if there is one aircraft in the pattern with no in-bounds to report then just clear them for the option when they are up wind. You wouldn’t have to worry about them as much and you can just re-clear them anyway if anyone else is in front of them
  • Be careful of options. They can do multiple things like… stop and go’s.

You are almost there, just take into consideration the tips and you the you’ll be ready. I am sorry about that stop and go but just watch what the aircraft is doing. Keep it up ! Good luck

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