[Closed] General Aviation Fun Fly @ CA54 - 301500ZAUG15

So sorry, I am new to this! Thanks to pointing that out.

Sorry but how do I change it?

For event title, I believe this is the link @swang007 uses:


If you are editing the post click the little pencil (Middle icon).

Welcome to the forums!

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To edit your post, click the little pen icon at the bottom of your post.

Thank you, just can’t find 17CA. Is CA54 good? As you can see I am very new to this forum bit!

Just make sure you edit your title. I wasn’t exactly sure what your event was going to be so check this out to see how to title your event: About the Events category

Thanks I will change it!

Your right, there are some lovely little air strips in that area!

Is anyone interested?

Basically, yes. If I have the time I am there.

Thanks will look forward to it.

I am sorry for postponing it!

Incorrect, it’s:

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You’re my go-to guy for events so I won’t be needing that but thx for the link in the event that someday I get live and organize an event.

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Ahaha. Just PM me if you need help. :P

So when is it postponed to?

The 30th (Today)

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What time?

Depends where you live, In British summer time it is 4.00pm. (Zulu +1)

Ok, so in Greece that is 6:00pm