[Closed] General Aviation Fun Fly @ CA54 - 301500ZAUG15

Server: Free Flight server 1

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: CA54

Time: 1500Z

NOTAM: *Just a fun flight for anyone who wants to come. Please don’t come in a SUPER DECATHLON. Please reply if you are interested.

When You spawn please taxi straight off the runway and onto the surrounding grass. Then please form a line ready to take off behind the only Super Decathlon on the runway and follow it when it takes off. My call sign is “SpeedBird 609”. Sorry to pospone it however something came up on the calendar.*

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Wait a sec so the region is San Francisco but the airport is one in Great Britain 😂?

If @swang007 were here now, I can guess what he would be saying:

“Please change event topic to match the rules”.

Anyway, best of luck with your event! I myself did SFO-2 little airports in the southwestern corner of the region. Highly suggest those 2. (17CA and CA??)???

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So sorry, I am new to this! Thanks to pointing that out.

Sorry but how do I change it?

For event title, I believe this is the link @swang007 uses:


If you are editing the post click the little pencil (Middle icon).

Welcome to the forums!

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To edit your post, click the little pen icon at the bottom of your post.

Thank you, just can’t find 17CA. Is CA54 good? As you can see I am very new to this forum bit!

Just make sure you edit your title. I wasn’t exactly sure what your event was going to be so check this out to see how to title your event: About the Events category

Thanks I will change it!

Your right, there are some lovely little air strips in that area!

Is anyone interested?

Basically, yes. If I have the time I am there.

Thanks will look forward to it.

I am sorry for postponing it!

Incorrect, it’s:

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You’re my go-to guy for events so I won’t be needing that but thx for the link in the event that someday I get live and organize an event.

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Ahaha. Just PM me if you need help. :P

So when is it postponed to?

The 30th (Today)

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What time?