[Closed] General Aviation Fly-In @ LFSB - 071900ZMAR19

General Aviation Fly-In

Date & Time: 2019-03-07T19:00:00Z2019-03-07T22:00:00Z
Location: EuroAirport Basel–Mulhouse (LFSB)
Server: Expert

Event Description

Park your airliner at the gate and take your favorite general aviation aircraft out of the hangar! The General Aviation Fly-In visits underappreciated airports and regions of the world most famous for their scenery and general aviation influence. Any and all general aviation aircraft are allowed – from the small Cirrus SR-22 to the corporate Cessna Citation X.

During this fly-in, landing and parking, doing touch-and-goes or low passes, or simply doing pattern work are all encouraged! Just be sure to arrive during the specified time block. Let’s make Basel–Mulhouse Airport busy!

This event will be hosted on “Corporate Day” as listed on this week’s IFATC Schedule. Flying from the featured airports to Basel–Mulhouse is recommended but not required!


  • Please follow all expert server rules.
  • Obey all ATC instructions (if available).
  • Use Unicom when necessary!
  • Respect other players.
  • Have fun!

Parking Information

Since this event is a fly-in style event, no parking will be assigned to players. A chart of available general aviation parking is posted below.

Airport chart courtesy of LiveFlight.

Miscellaneous Resources

Forgot how to use Unicom properly? Do you want to learn how to do a proper touch-and-go? Need a reminder on what pattern work is? Check out #tutorials:flight or the Pilot Tutorial Guide for a quick refresher on basic pilot etiquette.


Comment your name, choice of aircraft, route, and approximate flight time below to be added to the attendee’s list.

User Aircraft Route Flight Time
@Nathan C750 LIRA-LFSB 01:50
@JeromeJ TBM9 LFBT-LFSB 01:45
@Aceorbit TBM9 LFLJ-LFSB 01:00
@Cpt.Paul TBM9 LFNA-LFSB 01:10
@travelingcornstalk C750 LIML-LFSB 01:00
@Balloonchaser C750 ??-LFSB ??:??
@Piazza SR22 LFLL-LFSB 00:48

Thanks for joining this event! See you all at Basel–Mulhouse! :)
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User: @JeromeJ
Aircraft: TBM-930
Flight Time: TBD

Nice event, should certainly be available to attend

Thanks for joining, Jerome. Let me know when you choose your originating airport. :)

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From Tarbes (LFBT) flight time 1:45

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User: @Aceorbit
Aircraft: TBM-930
Flight Time: 1:00

Looks like a good event! I will be taking the TBM from Courchevel. :)

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Thanks for joining, Daniel. Can’t wait to see you there. :)

User: @EthanT2
Aircraft: CCX
Route: LIEE - LFSB
Flight Time: 1:30

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User: @Cpt.Paul
Aircraft: TBM-930
Route: LFNA - LFSB
Flight Time: 1:10

@EthanT2 and @Cpt.Paul, you two have been added to the attendees list! :)


Thanks @Nathan! See you at LFSB ;)

User: @travelingcornstalk
Aircraft: Citation X
Flight Time: ~1:00

Should be able to join. Sounds fun!

Thanks! You’ve been added.


Event is tomorrow. Come join if interested. :)

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Ah, something popped up, i’ll miss this one. Next time!

Damn. No problem, I’ll remove you. :)

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I can attend. Idk where I’ll fly out of… But count me in 😊

Hey guys, event starts in just a few hours. What time will you guys be leaving your respective airports? I’d like to arrive around the same time as everyone else. :)

Thanks for joining, Jack. What plane will you be using?

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I should be arriving at about 2200Z

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C750 please. :)

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