[Closed] Garuda Indonesia VA and Singapore Airline VA Partnership Flight @ WSSS - 160900ZMAY16

Hello Everyone! *please post to LIVE:EVENTS

Garuda Indonesia VA Are New Virtual Airline on Infinite Flight

And We Are recently Doing Partnership With Singapore Airline VA,

So We Gonna Make Partnership Flight From WSSS-WMKK And Back.
Here’s Are The INFO :

Server : ATC Playground

Region : Kuala Lumpur & Singapore

Aircraft : B77W, B738, A380

Livery : Garuda Indonesia (B77W & B738) Singapore Airline (B77W & B738)

Time : 16th May 2016, 9.30AM ZULU.

GIA will depart from WIDD towards WMKK
SIA will depart From WSSS towards WMKK

WMKK Phototaking will take place at KLIA2 with SIA using Q2, Q10, Q18, GIA B77W using Q8 and Q14. GIA B738 shall use Q7 and Q15 with SLK using Q3, Q11 and Q19. (If GIA turnout is higher, GIA will take the gates assigned to SIA and SLK accordingly)

Return flight will not land at WIDD.

Return flight shall land at WSSS.

Phototaking to be done at WSSS North Remote Apron.

At WSSS, SIA/SLK will park at 300, 301, 302, 308, 309 and 310. GIA will park at 303, 304, 305 and 306. (Gates should not be changed here as GIA has been assigned the middle lot at the North Remote Apron)

Or If You Dont Want To join Those VA, Just Comment below :)

Because IFGAVA (Infinite Flight Garuda Indonesia VA) is new VA on Infinite Flight, And i am the owner&founder.
If you want to join IFGAVA here the link : ifgava.weebly.com
i hope i can get more member on the future !
So Yeah,
comments below if You want to Join us *need to join one of our VA !
For More Info Contact : ifgava.info@gmail.com
Thank you !

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Sure, that will be helpfull !

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okay :) [quote=“Huw, post:4, topic:39744, full:true”]
I should be able to do WSSS departure and WMKK arrival but I have to leave then at approx 0935Z.

okay, it wil be nice if you can be the ATC :)


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okay dowkay

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I would like to attend! But, I’ve to wait till June to renew my Subscription :(

:( so sad, i will make another Partnership flight then :) on july or august or june !

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Yay! Thanks Buddy!

Me I wanna join this event (lol I know that I can just come and not tell you)

You’ll probably spin your planes using my name again

yup (nah jk)

Ill also do atc

Were do you want me at

I will come

A significant partnership despite our different alliances

Majulah Singapura dan Indonesia!

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OK, at GA or SIA?

LIVE:EVENT and you guys should come

I will try to come ;) in a B738 in Singapore livery. If you need ATC just inform me, maybe I won’t be as good as others but I’m practicing :).