[Closed] Funchal Fever @ LOWW - 151500ZAPR18

Join US on this Week’s Special Sunday “Funchal Fever” Flight!

Key Details and Information:

Server: Training

Date: 15.04.18

Aircraft/Airframe: A321 Austrian Livery

Flight: LOWW (Vienna) - LPMA (Funchal Madeira)

Time: 1500 Zulu

NOTAM: Limited amount of Gates. Sign-up Quick!

Cruise Alt.: 31’500 Feet

Cruise Speed: 0.78 mach


We Will be flying out of Vienna on a Sunday afternoon while heading to Funchal, located in the Atlantic ocean near the cost of Portugal. We will arrive with a stunning wingview sunset as we land and de-board our passengers. This flight is exclusively for Experienced Pilots.


D21 / Austrian 1 - @LordDanz (leader)
D22 / Austrian 2 - @GVAPLANESPOTTER
D23 / Austrian 3 -
D24 / Austrian 4 -
D25 / Austrian 5 -
D26 / Austrian 6 -
D27 / Austrian 7 -
D28 / Austrian 8 -
D29 / Austrian 9 -


Too bad I won’t be able to participate. It’s my favourite approach.
You guys are landing on runway 05? That’s a great challenge especially with an A321 !


What time do you think you would be able to participate? I can change the time just for you!

Unfortunately I won’t free all day :/ But you guys have fun !

I’ll take D22 if that’s okay

Kk, I’ll sign u up!!

We are Now Officially IFARB approved on Infinite Flight. Check it out HERE.

I will take gate D23

I will take gate D24

Can I have d24 please?

I will be the ATC for the event :)

I’ll join. Sign me up for D23 please.

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