(Closed) FrontierVA Welcomes Home Virginia @ EHAM - 171700ZMAR18

Server: Expert

Region: Hamburg, Germany

Departure Airport: EHAM
Arrival Airport: KLGA

Time: 1700Z

Aircraft: Frontier Airlines Airbus A321-211 “Virginia the Wolf”

Backstory: Here at Frontier Virtual Airlines, we are very excited to begin this new chapter with the incredible Frontier Airlines livery placedon the A321! A huge thanks to @Ryan_Vince for his dedication in making these liveries.

(Note: Ryan is not affiliated or in any way a part of FVA and works on his own free will)

As this will be our first A321 with a livery being delivered, we decided to not only fly them regularly in our VA, but also to bring the aircraft itself home on its delivery journey.
For those who don’t know, Airbus has a big facility in Toulouse and Frontier flies their brand new aircraft home from there. So why not treat this aircraft the same :)

Crucial Inflight Information:
Cruising Altitude: FL400
Cruising Speed: Mach 0.80-Mach 0.82
Separation: Please ensure a 2nm and 2 thousand foot sepperation from all other aircraft. If you leave your device, climb or descend away from the Cruising Altitude in case you gain and pass people, this way you will not endanger the flights of others.

Times for attendance:
1 PM Eastern Standard Time
12 PM Central Standard Time
11 AM Mountain Standard Time
10 AM Pacific Standard Time


Airbus South Parking A02: @Infinite.flight
Airbus South Parking A04: @Infinite_Flight_Dude
Airbus South Parking A06: @Mell_Ijzerman
Airbus South Parking A08: @Justin_Chan
Airbus South Parking A10: @Hockeyman_02
Airbus South Parking A12: @Capt.Zach
Airbus South Parking A03:

To all FVA pilots below the rank of Captain, unfortauntely due to the nature of this event you will not be able to come in the aircraft you’re allowed to fly. Which means you cannot Log the flight time for this event. As such, this is a voluntary flight just for fun and will not count towards anyones’ flight time no matter your rank


There is an a Airbus Factory in Mobile, Alabama :)

Looks fun though!


Frontier doesn’t deliver out of mobile :) but I agree that’s where the CS100 is being worked on I believe.


Sign me up! Gate A04 please!


Welcome aboard my noble friend.

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I wil fly with you! Looks great can I get gate

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Welcome aboard gate assigned :)

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Sign me up, very excited for this!

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Welcome aboard my noble friend! Gate A08 on the Airbus side is yours :)

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If I didn’t work Sunday I would have joined

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I’m confused on your statement. This event is on Saturday. Are you saying it would have worked on a Sunday?

Wait it’s on Saturday? Wow, I read the days wrong lol.

I can’t do either day, since I work

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How long is this flight ?

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Unsure but probably between 6-8 hours I’d reckon

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Would love a gate my friend Robert!

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Welcome aboard mate! Glad to have you :)

Don’t forget about this event guys! Pushback begins tomorrow :) I’m excited to fly this flight with y’all (if the autopilot bug doesn’t prove to big of an issue)

I shall take gate A12

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Or parking A12. Looking forward to the event

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Welcome aboard your gate has been assigned! :)