[Closed] Frontier's SoCal Slumber Party @ KLAX - 051500ZNOV16

Server: Casual

Region: Southern California

Airport: KLAX - KSAN

Diverting Airport: KNKX

Time: 1500Z-1600Z

Aircraft: A318 (Frontier livery)

NOTAM: What’s up guys it’s your Frontier Virtual CEO 508 back with another weekly event. Before I begin if you enjoyed a previous event or would like to join us just click on the link below and join up! Frontier VA would not be an airline without YOU!

-Today’s event is a Slumber Party from KLAX direct to KSAN.
Please have your night mode on.
-If you cannot see the taxi lines you may have it on evening mode for takeoff and landing but for pictures and during mid flight please have the night mode on as we take to the skies 🌌 on this voyage.
-Please respect all aircraft in attendance. Do not taxi through aircraft, grass, terminals, or across runways without first following proper procedures
-Strobe and Landing lights are not to be turned upon until you have entered the runway. Landing lights go off at 10,000 feet
-Please wait for FFT508 to announce taxi before you taxi
-Copy FFT508 Flight Plan


Gate Assignment:
Gate T1 G15A - Apron A: NismoKits
Gate T1 G15B - Apron B: captain_matt
Gate T1 G16A - Apron A: EK777
Gate T1 G16B - Apron B: Infinite.flight
Gate T1 G17A - Apron A: @Tecnam2TA
Gate T1 G17B - Apron B: 7405896A
Gate T1 G18A - Apron A: Mix56awesome
Gate T1 G18B - Apron B: Kevinlu
Gate T1 G60 - Apron 60: @a380fan
Gate T2 G21A - Apron A: AdamCallow
Gate T2 G21B - Apron B: @anon20272091
Gate T2 G22A - Apron A: @mlmorar
Gate T2 G23 - Apron 23: @Aviaperevozchik
Gate T2 G24 - Apron 24: @pigdatflyz
Gate T2 G25 - Apron 25: CPKJ
Gate T2 G26- Apron 26: @Capt1uhb
Gate T2 G27 - Apron 27: _Jet_Airways_995_
Gate T2 G28 - Apron 28: @Kyle.Plane
Gate T2 G29 - Apron 29: Ian-Nai727
Gate T2 G30 - Apron 30 @Ninetales

Coming in different airports: @zbelle



Just comment if you would like to join up! Hope to see you join The Spirit of the West in this event as we take to the skies…

I wish I could join but I’m pretty much unavailable on Saturdays.

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Sign me up!

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Count me in too

I’ll bring my CCX to KHHR and take off from there.

Sorry bout that haha and I will my friend

Ill put you down in your gates tomorrow. Im at the doctors for a leg checkup so i cant access the forums at the moment (typing this via email lol) so just keep signing up guys and tomorrow youll see your names there :) @Cessna_Driver

I’m there for sure, sign me up please.

Had some time so I put you guys in!!! Thank you for flying Frontier Airlines 🙂

Like last Time. G17A for me please and hopefully no Emergency this time and I can join😀

Roger that ;) my noble friend! Welcome aboard Frontier Virtual!

Stick me in the reserve list. Im 80% sure I can come but I may be doing something.

Ill put your gate down tomorrow alongside Lars! Welcome aboard Frontier Airlines

what day is it? I may have i time to come.

Saturday 5th or in exactly 4 days at 1500Z or 8am western time and 10am eastern time

11 am for me. You can put me down but I have to ask my parents if I have time

No worries I’ll mark you down! Welcome aboard Frontier Virtual nonstop to San Diego. Your gate will be reserved tomorrow.

yo! what day is it? and what time western? thx! really hope i can make it! :)

If you scroll a bit up you’ll see it as Saturday 5th or on four days and it is 8am western time.
Hope you can join us as we take o the skies in our slumber party ;)