[Closed] Frontier's Seattle Snow Day ❄️️ @ KSEA - 042100ZDEC16

Server: Training 1

Region: Seattle

Airport: KSEA

Time: 2100Z

Aircraft: A318 (Frontier Livery), A319-321 (generic livery)


NOTAM: What’s up guys it’s your Frontier CEO and host 508 back with a chilly ❄️ ❄️ event for all interested.
If you’ve attended any of our events in the past/present/ or intent to in the future I’d give a wink to the next brave lad or lass who first clicks the link provided and signs up. What happens some may ask if you click that link? Only you will know! Haha join up by finding our application in the website browser provided. Sigh. You guys are incredible.

Anyways moving on to this Sunday’s actual event. As 100% of you should know, it’s December now (time of event) so the Frosty the Snowman ⛄️ will be out frolicking. And why not join him in the cloudy cold skies of Seattle? Schools closed and snow abounds. Let’s get to celebrating the winter and snow 🌨🌨❄️☃️

We will be taking off from KSEA using rules as follows:

  1. Have light setting be on dawn

  2. Flightplan as follows:

    And look, even our flight plan has the "S"now portion nailed down ;)

  3. If you are coming in to close behind someone, we do have two other runways to land on so please be considerate of others and don’t land on top of them ;).

  4. Our event is being livestreamed once again by our fabulous YouTube Director @Tecnam2TA link also provided below

Gates are listed. On behalf of Frontier Airlines I’d like to welcome you and your family aboard this warm flight! Safe travels.


Parking N01: @Mix56awesome
Parking N02: @Capt1uhb
Parking N03: @Ek777
Parking N04: @Tecnam2TA
Parking N05: Infinite.flight
Parking N06: @Cessna_Driver
Parking N07: @Dairell_Martinez
Parking N08: @Kevinlu11
Parking N09: @Mtnsnow
Parking N10: @mike_mclain
Parking N11: @Kudzuchimp


Our home page for future ref :)

Nice flp, sign me up sir. I promise to follow the rules this time. 😁

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Haha no worries. Welcome back aboard I look forward to flying with you.

Thanks to @Ek777 for joining our event. Welcome aboard.

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I really wanted to attend the recent frontier events but I can’t. The timing is too late for me :-(

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I have to thank you for making this awesome VA and these cool events.

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No orries :) welcome aboard

It’s okay bud I’ll miss you 😭

Since when there is snow in IF?

Wow… really nice! I won’t make it but wish I could! Have fun!!

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IF released snow in the last update.

There’s no snow.

No real weather as far as I can tell.

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Lol. I know. Learning grasshopper here. 🐍


Ha, you got me there.

The student surprises the professor!


I was planning to join your event but I don’t have the Seattle region and have to go to a friends party at that time. Sorry that I can’t come this week:(

Perfect opportunity to take advantage of the live stream. :)

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Nice, you always have great event themes, definitely sign me up for this one ;)

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Welcome aboard my dear friend thanks for flying us.

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It’s called imagination ;) and patience for weather updates.

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