[Closed] Frontier's New Years Eve VA @ KDEN - 312200ZDEC16

I will alongside your fellow United Virtual :)

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Can’t wait to see this event fill with the various liveries :)

Sign me up please.

Please say what airline :)

British Airways

Roger that your gate has been reserved. Welcome aboard

Randomly goes off topic by saying


i have mauricio in the books. he messaged me on slack

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This sounds great, please sign me up

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Found a typo


Didn’t Carson say he doesn’t encourage monetary giveaways?

Sign me up , as usual:)

You can sign me up, but I’m not certain that I’ll come.

@BavariaAVIATION @grxninesix @hmkane @Lars_Thorein

Up for this?

EDIT: @Aviationluver

Yeah, but the people requirement is hard.

We have way more than 8-10, and we only need a few.

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Sounds fantastic. But New Years Eve is Family Time so I cant participate 😢

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Please note that Southwest Virtual will not be participating for the prize. Our pilots will show up to simply have an enjoyable time and fly along these incredible VA’s. Thanks in advance!


“The Group™” randomly appears. They are not called upon.

The Group can join as you are a Fictional Airline. I don’t care ;) just if you show up you need to reserve gate.